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Sunday, March 30, 2014

How does a Yooper know that Spring is Here?

This is the last week of Sunlit Sunday over at My Little Home and Garden.  I have been able to participate each week with something that has brought sunlight to my little world here in Upper Michigan.. sometimes it was the sun but not every week.....

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunlit Sunday ~ Sun through the house


Sunlit Sunday is coming to an end.  I think after this week, there is one more week to go.  I will be sad to see it go and have had fun trying to come up with ideas to have some....

Sunlight during this long and dreary winter 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Ice Palace

This past week I headed over to Wausau Wisconsin for a conference.  My biggest mistake was not to take my camera with me.  So all of these pictures are taken on my phone.  It seemed that every time I stopped to take pictures the clouds would decided that was the best time to cover the sun... So I apologize as these pictures are not the best.

Michigan in my review mirror
As I was driving the blue skies in the mirror beckoned me to stop and take pictures.
To my dismay the view just wasn't the same on the side of the road.... 
Ice Palace - This and That

Sunday, March 2, 2014

A little Sunlight in My Week

This has been quite a week, we started out with the blizzards of all blizzards, snow and high winds that lasted all weekend.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sun Streaks in the Snow

We are just coming out of a big snow storm/blizzard and have spent the last 3 days shoveling and moving snow.  Hubby would shovel it on top of the already 5 feet of snow that we have in our yard.  Climb up the bank and move it further down the way so that we can put more.  The life of living in the U.P. and every day I wonder why....

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Clouds and Blue Skies

We have been most fortunate these last couple of weeks as we have had lots of sun.  This isn't normal for us as it is usually overcast and snowing.  We have gotten lots of snow but for the last couple of weeks it has been down to just a small skiff per day... During the winter the sky even seems bluer then during the summer, I am not sure why that is.  Is it because of the blue against the white of the snow it seems more brilliant?  Or is it just because we don't see it that often that we are amazed by the colour?  It doesn't matter ~ the sky is blue and it is wonderful. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Winter Carnival

We have been lucky this week as the sun has been shining brightly most days and we got no extra snow. The downside was that it was very cold..... But even with the dreadful cold, the Tech students still ventured out and made snow and ice sculptures.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Frost on the Windows..

One of the best parts of winter is the sun shining through the designs that Jack Frost does, especially on the window.  With the sun shining in the designs they are awesome..

All these pictures were taken in different rooms in the house.  I think because of the cold this year, more frost has been deposited on the windows.  Jack has given me more opportunity to play with my macro lens.

My favorite frost picture is this one:

I love how the sun is shining on the tree in the background.

Google + then animates some of the pictures... Which I think is cool....

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

We Got some Snow... and some Sun

As you all know if you read my blog or even my facebook fan page... that we live where we get lots and lots and lots and lots of snow.  This year has been no exception and because it has been colder, that snow just keeps piling up.  The only thing that makes it at least bearable is that occasionally we do get to see the sun.  I just wish that sun would come out more often...

Some Snow and Some Sun

We did get a blizzard with snow one day this week, a blizzard that at times we couldn't see across the street or even our balcony rail from the living room window.  So the next morning meant that we did some shoveling.  As the daylight started, we could see the sunlight coming out.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tea Cups in the Snow for Sunlit Sunday

We finally got some sun in these parts.  Today was a wonderful bright and sunny day.  The snow was glistening and as we had just got a few fresh inches of fluffy snow, it looked wonderful outside.

I had seen some pictures of tea cups in the snow floating around facebook and always wanted to do some pictures like that and today I got my chance.  I really should have looked at them earlier as they weren't exactly how I wanted them to be... I guess I will have to go out again on the next sunny day and take more.

Tea Cups in the Snow 

This picture I did in pencil style....

If you would like to join Sunlit Sunday, click on the button below.

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

No Sun for Sunlit Sunday...

This week came and went... with only a bit of a peak of the sun ... I noticed it the other day when I got up in the afternoon... But my eyes just couldn't stay awake to enjoy it and when I got up for the day the sun was gone.... and then I was sad and wishing that I hadn't wasted the day sleeping.  Looking at the forecast it doesn't look like we will see any kind of sun until next weekend.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter Sunset

I have decided to combine my photography blog with this blog... You didn't know I had a photography blog did you?  Well, know you will see those post over here.  All I have to do is figure out where to put the tab so that it is easy for you to find these post.

Karen from My Little Home and Garden each winter has a meme called Sunlit Sunday.  I am so excited that she is doing it again this year.    It is a little way to get some sunlight into the dreary winter we are having everywhere... cold and snow.  If you would like to join, head over and check out what you need to do and bring a little Sunlight into Our Lives. 

 We haven't had much sunlight this winter as it has snowed every day... and I mean every day.... Snowed so much that the last I heard we have had a total of 170 inches so far.  A couple of weeks ago we did get a little sun  and the sunset was magnificent.  I did take these pictures through my second story window on my phone.

Winter Sunset

I love the colour of the sky in this picture and the sun shining on the house that is in the background. 

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