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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Winter Carnival

We have been lucky this week as the sun has been shining brightly most days and we got no extra snow. The downside was that it was very cold..... But even with the dreadful cold, the Tech students still ventured out and made snow and ice sculptures.
This year the theme for Winter Carnival was  "Nostalgic Films of Childhood Days, Come to Life in Frosty Ways".  Some of the sculptures were started a month ago, while others were done over night.  Wednesday afternoon, students were ou from 4:00 pm until early morning  working on some of the all nighter.  The temperatures had a real feel temp of 30F but they braved it, my hubby included.  He was out there and their sculpture won 2nd place in one of the categories.

Even though he is lightening.... He can still get stuck in the snow of the UP.

Through out the campus Saturday, many children and adults  were excited to see some of their favorite characters.

Snoopy and his friends 

 Winnie The Pooh

The Polar Express

101 Dalmatians

and I think all 101 dogs were there...

 Toy Story


Lion King

The campus was bustling with people and we were lucky enough on Saturday to have a wonderful day, sun was shining brightly making the sculptures even look more magnificent.   Along with looking sculptures there was broom ball games, snow volleyball, sled dog rides, skiing and even buggy rides...

Kids had fun climbing the snowbanks or going through the tunnels left by the students.

and it is always great to meet up with friends that you haven't seen for a while...

 Here in snow country we celebrate the snow!
and this week I have been capturing all the sun.. but will save the rest of the pictures just in case we don't get any sun next week. 

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  1. The ice sculptures are amazing, Marlys! I remember seeing some that you showed last year. Your husband is certainly a good sport to be involved in creating these works of art.

    It looks like you had a gorgeous day to view these pieces and, as you wrote, "celebrate the snow". That's the Sunlit Sunday attitude!


  2. That looks like so much fun Marlys. I haven't seen a snow sculpture festival like that in a long time. These are really great! I love the 101 Dalmations. So cute! I good way to clear up the snow eh?

  3. Thanks for visiting, Marlys. Those snow sculptures are amazing. There's a little town near us that does a similar thing with sand sculpture in the summer. Always fun to see.

  4. What fun! That's the way to make the best of winter. I miss the bright and sunny winter sky of Alberta, but I don't miss the cold!

  5. Amazing snow sculptures. I admire those who work in snow, ice, or sand. Such demanding mediums with great results. Congrats to your husband!

  6. Marlys, what talented students and helpers, all of them so persistent and dedicated, braving those frigid temps and uncomfortable conditions in the name of art!! Gorgeous and impressive, every single one. Thanks so much for sharing your sunny view this week with us.


  7. Wow!!! Those sculptures are impressive. Thanks for sharing the pictures. We don't have enough snow to do anything like that here so it was fun to see.

  8. This is truly a winter wonderland. What imagination, talent and fun. Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  9. That looks so fun! It's wonderful to be able to celebrate the snow. You all are so lucky to be able to have fun with the snow. What a winter wonderland you have!

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