This and that: We Got some Snow... and some Sun

Sunday, January 26, 2014

We Got some Snow... and some Sun

As you all know if you read my blog or even my facebook fan page... that we live where we get lots and lots and lots and lots of snow.  This year has been no exception and because it has been colder, that snow just keeps piling up.  The only thing that makes it at least bearable is that occasionally we do get to see the sun.  I just wish that sun would come out more often...

Some Snow and Some Sun

We did get a blizzard with snow one day this week, a blizzard that at times we couldn't see across the street or even our balcony rail from the living room window.  So the next morning meant that we did some shoveling.  As the daylight started, we could see the sunlight coming out.

As you can see we do have lots of snow... Here is the snow wall between our house and the neighbors..

I love taking pictures of the neighbor's shed... The red against the white... and the blue sky

I did some experimenting with Picasa collages... Using my sunlight through the tree pictures.

Hubby was out removing snow and I loved how the snow from the snowblower gave a hazy look to the sunrise peaking through the trees..

Even though we have lots of snow and it has been brutally  cold (although not as cold as when I lived in Saskatchewan).. It doesn't seem so bad when you can see the sunshine through the windows

And there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

This is not the best picture and there really wasn't a hole in the snow bank.. but it sure did look like it when we went out to start moving the snow... It just was a reflection of the light through the snow.
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  1. Wow, Marlys, you certainly have a lot of snow this winter! We hardly have that much here now after our thaw. Well, I should say in our area we don't have that much but, in the northern parts of the province there is a lot more snow. You'd feel right at home here after living in Saskatchewan and Michigan in the winter. Thanks for stopping by! I hope February is kinder to you and us too. :)

    1. Pamela, I am hoping it will be better but not holding my breath as we usually have the worst storms during February.

  2. Is this the amount of snow or is it a drift. I remember one year we got a lot of snow 72 cm to be exact and it came with a wind and the drifts were amazing. This winter has brought not only a lot of snow but a lot of cold and rain in some areas. I think it might go out like a Lion adn come in like a Lamb.

    1. Some of it is from snow that we have blew there but most of has fallen as we have had close to 200 inches of snow this year and as it really hasn't melted much, it just keeps piling up.

  3. Beautiful pictures. You're inspiring me to try Picasa Collage. Thanks for visiting Buttercup's and I hope you will come back to visit again.

  4. Wow, you really do have the snow. We don't have anywhere near that much here but what we do have is blowing around and we are experiencing a ground blizzard. I love the sunlight hazed by the snow blower.
    Thanks for stopping by my Sunlit Sunday and your nice comment.

  5. Amazing pictures of the snow and the sunrise. My you have a lot of snow.

  6. Oh my goodness that is a lot of snow! I am from Massachusetts and we get our fair share of snow but that even looks like a lot to me!!

  7. It sure is winter at your place, Marlys! That wall of snow is rather impressive!

    I love the photos of the railing and the brilliant red shed against the sky and snow. You've also reminded me of Picasa, which had slipped my mind; I'll have to play with it again.

    I hope you find some more sunlight this week. Take care.


  8. Thank you so much for popping in Marlys - you are in the draw for my Giveaway!

    These are wonderful photos - I just can't believe how much snow all you girls are getting!!!
    Hard I know but it really makes you appreciate Spring when it arrives - now I know why you all go nuts at the sight of a tiny snowdrop just pushing it's head through the ground - not even a flower!!! LOL


  9. You must live in Ontario. We have enough snow in some places you cannot see the houses from the street. We will appreciate spring so much this year. :)

  10. Oh my, now that is a lot of snow! It's freezing here, but luckily not too much snow. Stay warm :)

  11. We had snow but no way near the amount you had. I guess I should not complain! I love your sunlight thru the trees. Very pretty photos. Enjoy your week ahead!

  12. Oh, mercy me, that is some kind of snow storm. As a Southern girl, I can't imagine living in such conditions, but it sure makes for beautiful photos.

    Joining you from Little Red House.

  13. Marlys,

    From what I remember, you live in Ontario as does my whole family, and I have to admit, I postponed my visit home because of this Arctic/Polar vortex invasion! I was there last year, from December to February and the freezing temps were hard on me, as was all that snow, just like your beautiful photos. When you don't have to walk in such conditions, it's pretty, romantic even. I guess living in a Mediterranean climate for the past 25 years, has made me a bit of a weakling with regards to Canadian winters! Hope you enjoy it for its beauty, admired from 'within'.

    Love the pic of the red shed and the very enchanting.


  14. That's a stunning amount of snow. Hope you don't have shovel too much of it. Love the photo of the porch railings with snow - really lovely lighting there.

  15. Brrr.... makes me cold looking at your photos! I love the photo of the red barn. It looks so vulnerable and lonely.


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