This and that: How does a Yooper know that Spring is Here?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

How does a Yooper know that Spring is Here?

This is the last week of Sunlit Sunday over at My Little Home and Garden.  I have been able to participate each week with something that has brought sunlight to my little world here in Upper Michigan.. sometimes it was the sun but not every week.....
as we have had a tremendous amount of snow and  when there is snow there is no sun.. The total amount for Keweenaw County which starts about 10 miles from us is 299 inches this winter with a total of 55 inches still on the ground... Yep, We have had snow.

Snow around the yard from this past week 

Spring Time in Upper Michigan ~ This and That #spring, #sunlitsunday

Spring around the Town

Even around town it is hard to find signs that spring is really in the air...
So how does a true Yooper know that it is spring? and What is a "Yooper"?
First, a Yooper is a native or a resident of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  It is derived from the initials UP.  So how do we tell that spring is here.... 

Well, first we know by all the sun we see in the sky...

Another sure sign is the water running down the road 

The flies start coming out

The Garage Door stays open to help dry the floor out...

And the true sign that Spring has finally come...
although I haven't seen it yet for myself this year (this picture was taken last year)

We just continue to move snow til it is all gone...
I am just wondering when that is going to be this year.. any bets?

So, now that Sunlit Sundays are over.... What is the Yooper girl going to do?

I am going to enjoy my tea (today it was Bigelow Spiced Chai) out on our sun porch 
Listening and watching the snow slowly go away...

And marvel how we made it once again through another Yooper Winter...

I want to thank Karen from My Little Home and Garden for hosting this wonderful event.  It has been fun to come up with ideas that bring sunshine in my life and I also have had a wonderful time check out all the other posts that have joined this meme... although sometimes a little jealous when they have green and flower pictures.. 

My plans are to continue to have a photography post once a week.  I hope you will stop by each week and see what I have for you.

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  1. Oh, Marlys! Do you think the snow will ever melt? You Yoopers are brave souls. At least the sun is shining and the water running down the street. Enjoyed your images of "spring". Happy Sun Lit Sunday

  2. At least we're getting sunshine occasionally, right? Your photos look like ours here in NW Wisconsin. Can't wait for temps in the 60s. If we get to the 60s it will feel like SUMMER! Melt that snow!!!

  3. OH Marlys, you have so much snow there. Well, a bit more than we do here, but wow, it's a lot! Your signs of spring are the same as ours here too. Love the man snow blowing in his shorts! We like to move the snow around too when it gets to the point where there are just the piles left. Here's hoping that April will be a lot kinder to us and we might see some real spring scenes- the flowers and birds. Thank you for visiting and your sweet comment. Take care and have a blessed week ahead. Pamela

  4. This is deffinitly a different type of spring. :) Around what time in the year does the snow typically melt?

  5. I guess you knew I'd be asking the definition of a "yooper"! I'm glad you explained it, Marlys. As for placing bets on when your snow leaves, it's hard to pick a date when you still have several feet of it on the ground! You win, I'd say, for being the snowiest blog that's joined in with Sunlit Sunday this year!

    I'll be keeping my eye out for your photography posts.

    Have a great week.


  6. oh my if we had that much snow don't know what I would do
    come see me angie at annies home located at

  7. Our spring days are quite different.

    I hope your snow melt soon and if you can figure out a way to send it to southern California, we could use the water.

  8. Oh I had to laugh out loud at the picture of the 'snow-moving' - we've done the same before too! hope spring comes faster for you!

  9. Well, a place that still has more snow than we do! You've made my day. And I learned something new - yoopers!


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