This and that: Signs of Spring?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Signs of Spring?

Spring is in three days and we are once again under a Winter Storm Watch... Is spring ever going to come?

Signs of Spring?

Although I am not sure why I think I should see any signs of spring at this time of the year anyways.  We haven't had spring this early since we have lived here.. Maybe most of the snow has been gone but we usually have a few feet.. Although this year we have more then a few feet.  The snow banks are still 5 feet high.

Right now the only green I can see is once in awhile when hubby snow blows a twig from the bushes on the side of the driveway gets caught and  gets thrown on the top of the snowbank...  Trying desperately to reach the sun.  But I can pretend that it is growing, can't I?  Yes the winter is finally getting to me...

So, Instead of pretending that a few green leaves on a branch are a sign of spring, I go through my pictures and find my flowers...


and wonder when it will be that I will be out to take pictures of tulips this year...

But instead I just 
Think Spring...

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  1. It has been a long winter and yours is harsher than most, Marlys. We're in the home stretch now, as far as the calendar goes! I hope you get some melting soon, just not all at once. Your tulips will be gorgeous!


  2. Marlys, that's the way to do it. Looking back at your garden from last Spring will lift your spirit because then you will be reminded that once spring arrives, everything will be beautiful.


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