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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bird Bath and Feeder

I know that you are probably thinking.... Why is she posting about a bird feeder at this time of year.  The birds are now thinking of flying south and the snow will be falling.  Why oh Why would I write about making a bird feeder.  Well, it is because I just got time to make it.  I did buy the material as soon as Cynthia from Feeding Big brought over this idea to my facebook page. Hers is a butterfly feeder but I decided to make mine into a birdbath and feeder.  Head over to her page for the directions to make her feeder.  I only took pictures of what I used and the end product.

I bought all my materials from the dollar store, blue and green glass pieces, 2 tall glasses and a glass plate.  I also used a pasta sauce jar.  After I put everything together I decided to add a cup for bird seed.


The finished project.  My plans are when I put this out for next year, I will add water to the plate so that it can be a bird bath/feeder or maybe a squirrel feeder.  I am wondering how many squirrels will be trying to get up here.  I also have to figure out how I am going to secure it properly.  

An Update on my Bird Bath and Feeder
Last year after I made my Bird Bath/Feeder, it broke when the wind got it.  I had a hard time figuring out how to make it.  So I remove the plate, threw out the top vase that was broken and put it away in the garage.  I came across a large vase that I had and had an Ah! Ha! Moment.  I could fill the large vase with sand which would make it heavy enough to be secure and place the bird bath and feeder into the large vase. It worked!

 Here is how I made my Bird Bath and Feeder Secure


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  1. Came out beautifully! This is actually a great time to post about a bird feeder. Not all birds go south and the ones that stay around in the wintry climates have trouble finding food. If you keep food and water available through the winter, you will have some very grateful neighborhood birds!

  2. Marlys, I just love it! Now I am inspired by you to go and make one! I never thought about going taller and making a feeder for birds. I would love to see the squirrels try to climb this! I am sure they can - sneaky devils! Off to pin and share! Thanks for sending folks my way too!

  3. This is so pretty! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. What great art for the garden and feeding the birds is a definite plus! Love this!


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