This and that: 2012 Best Recipes.

Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Best Recipes.

Today is the last day of 2012
Tomorrow we bring in the New Year!
This year has been a wonderful year for me....
I never envisioned that I would be able to keep anyone interested in what I blog about.
I want to thank you all for following me, commenting and giving me support.
It means a lot to me.
My hopes and wishes for the New Year is that 
I will be able to continue to bring you recipes that are tried and true.
As we leave 2012, I would like to let you know
the 12 recipes that have had the most views on my blog...
That means the ones that you have checked out the most
and for that I thank you!

Best Recipes of 2012

Nine months ago, I started this blog.. and I think I have come a long way.  I hope that you agree with me.  Along with this blog I have a second one that I dedicate just to photography.  That blog is called This and That Photography.
Shortly after I started this blog, I was invited to join a wonderful group called Foodie Friends Friday.  Each week we hold a Linky Party and have had a great turn out.  With each party we have sponsored giveaways.  This group is great and I have learnt so much from each and everyone of them.  I want to take this opportunity to say thank you and that I count each one of you as a special friend.  Within this group, eleven us under the direction of Tracy from Busy Vegetarian Mom  started Foodie Friends Friday Daily Dish.  Tracy has done a lot of work getting this e-magazine up and running and everyone in the group has participated and worked together to bring many different aspect of cooking to all of us.
When I started blogging, I had first thought of just doing it for myself.  To put on my recipes in one place and keep track of what I am making.  I never in a million years thought I would have followers and ones so dedicated as you all are.  I love hearing your comments, communicating with you.  I have learnt lots from all of you too.  Thank you for being here with me.  I also never envisioned that one of my recipes, Salted Caramel Mocha Latte  would be featured on Foodista Drink Blog of the Day.  It may only be a few words and my picture of my drink, but too me it is a big accomplishment.
My hopes, dreams and goals for 2013 is to learn more about blogging.  I am hoping that I will have time to figure out my blog so that it may be easier for you to navigate around and find what you need.  I also want to learn more about taking food pictures as I know for me that is what captures my attention... the pictures tempting me... making me want to taste the food.  I  hope that you will want to continue this journey with me.
Wishing you all a 
Wonderful and Blessed New Year
May 2013 be a Year of Happiness and Prosperity!
Thank you for being here with me

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  1. Happy New Year! May the New Year bring you lots of good blessings

    1. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great New Years.

  2. Happy New Year Marlys! I have enjoyed connecting with you on your blog and participating in Foodie Friday. I have enjoyed both your blogs very much!

    1. Thanks Elena, you are one of my most faithful readers and I love that you stop by and comment.

  3. Marlys, your foods look delish! I too enjoyed becoming bloggy friends with you!

    1. Thanks - the feeling is mutual. I love your blog too.


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