This and that: November Foodie Pen Pal

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

November Foodie Pen Pal

I am so late getting this post done.... 
I am not sure when and where the time went...
But I wanted to let you know about Novembers Foodie Pen Pal
I received a wonderful box of goodies from
Crista from  Peace, Love, Quinoa.

 Isn't this a great box of things...
The Gin-Gin chewy Ginger Candies are delicious... 
I love ginger so this was a great gift and I had to put them away or I would have eaten them all in one sitting
I also have ate the Rock Creek Crisp...
I didn't eat them all at once but just about..
YUM! they were so tasty.
I took them to work and munched on them over a few days.
Crista also sent me some granola and I have tried very hard not to open them yet as I want to save something for later and I am also saving the Lemon Cookies.
Thank you Crista for the great foodie gifts... They all are wonderful!
I sent my package to Kellie, she doesn't have a blog but  told me that she 
liked sweet and salt and was a student.
So I sent her a package of homemade cookies that had ripple potato chips in them 
and my cuban lunch bars with chocolate and ripple chips... along with tea and coffee.


Lindsay ~ from The Lean Green Bean does a wonderful job at coordinating this event.
Each month you are given someone to send a foodie package too and someone
different sends to you... It is a great way of meeting some wonderful people.
This month instead of exchanged packages, Lindsay has set up
Foodie Penpal for Hurricane Sandy Relief and
you can donate make a donation...
FPP Sandy1 Foodie Penpals for Hurricane Sandy
Foodie Penpal for Hurricane Sandy Releif


  1. I keep forgeting about this! I was a part of this for a couple months and loved it! Glad you are enjoying it!

    1. I do enjoy it Cynthia and it helps that I get something besides bills in the mail.


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