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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Chocolate Brownie Cookies ~ Fill the Cookie Jar

A bite of chocolate brownie with a chocolate espresso glaze in each cookie.

A cookie that tastes like a brownie and a chocolate espresso glaze, what could be better.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Chocolate Espresso Tart

Chocolate Espresso Tart / This and That: An easy decadent no-cook chocolate dessert

A delicious, mouthwatering tart that you can make even on the hottest day - No cooking required.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Chocolate Cranberry Meringue Dessert - #CIC

December 20th already... Are you ready for Christmas?  Have you thought what you will be serving for  dessert or maybe a Christmas coffee?  This recipe would work perfect for either.  It is light and just the perfect amount of sweetness to work after a big dinner or have with your coffee or tea.

This month we picked Cranberries and Cocoa for our Crazy Ingredient Challenge and I thought a dessert would be perfect to make for this month's challenge.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

No Bake Chocolate and Pumpkin Cookies ~ Fill The Cookie Jar

When you hear the word Fall what goes through your mind?  I think of pumpkin, sweatshirts, leaves turning colours and falling and cooler weather.  Fall is our theme for this month's Fill the Cookie Jar and although the weather hasn't isn't cooler yet, it looks like it when we look outside... leaves are turning and floating to the ground.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Minty Mocha Brownie Crunch

Which part of the brownie do you like the best?  Is it the soft middle or the crispy edges?  I love the crispy edges the best.  The harder and the crunchier the better.  I decided to try and make a thin crunchy brownie for St Patrick's Day.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fill the Cookie Jar - Cherry Shortbread Cookies

Have you ever halved a recipe but didn't half all the ingredients like salt?  That is what I did with this recipe when I made it.  I had decided to only make half this recipe as I am really trying hard to watch my weight... and all I seem to do is watch the numbers get bigger and bigger.  So to make a long story short... my cookies for this month's Fill the Cookie Jar were just a bit salty...

Friday, December 19, 2014

Gingerbread Eggnog Mocha Latte

I have to tell you a secret... I don't like the taste of eggnog alone..... BUT...  I do like the taste of it in baking and in my coffee.  And what could be better for you Christmas morning coffee then a Gingerbread Eggnog Mocha Latte.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fill the Cookie Jar with Healthy Pumpkin Unbakes

Fall makes me think of leaves turning colours, cooler weather (although we haven't had too much warm weather here), pumpkins, apples and bunny hugs.   September brings fall and it is also Health awareness month.  So why am I talking about fall and health because it is Fill the Cookie Jar time and I am bringing health and fall together.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Spicy Mexican Coffee

As we start looking towards fall and cooler temperatures, I for one start thinking of warm drinks that can warm me up from the inside out.  Drinks like coffee, hot chocolate, apple ciders and maybe even one with a little kick that can spice up your life.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Chocolate and Banana are a must I think.  To put them together in a smoothie... Oh Yes!  Have it for breakfast..... Well of course you can.....

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fill the Cookie Jar with Chocolate Almond Shortbread

Diamond, Flowers and Chocolate are the perfect gift for Valentine's Day.  Although I can't give you diamonds.... I will give you some chocolate with maybe a decorated flower or two to fill your cookie jar this Valentine's Day... The catch is that you have to make them yourself but they are worth it if you like a chocolate cookie with a crunch that melt in your mouth.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Hot Chocolate Ornaments

I saw these ornaments on Pinterest and thought that they would be a great way to give homemade hot chocolate mix to friends and family or even to drop off over at the neighbors...  I think it would be great to find a hot chocolate ornament hanging on my door or you can add it to the outside of your gift.

Friday, October 18, 2013

National Chocolate Cupcake Day

Today is National Chocolate Cupcake Day.  It has to be one of my favorite days... who doesn't like chocolate and cupcakes together.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cobweb Cookies (aka Lace Cookies) #fillthecookiejar

This month I waiting until the very last day to make my cookies... I am not sure what my problem is ~ either I need more hours in the day or I just need to get more organized.  I am thinking that it is the organization part that I need to work on.  But I did get my cookies made and they turned out even though they are quite large~ but cobwebs are large aren't they.

Friday, September 13, 2013

International Chocolate Day ~ Chocolate Recipes.

Today is 

International Chocolate Day!

I love Chocolate ~ How about you?
Gaining weight is not the only thing Chocolate does for you ~ it helps strengthen your enamels, it is heart healthy, helps you sleep and helps you get out of your funk... So why don't we eat chocolate every day.  The only problem is that you have to eat the right kind of chocolate ~ the best for your body and mind is dark chocolate and unsweetened. 
Today is also Friday the 13th... are you superstitious?
Well, if you are just eat some chocolate and all those superstitions will disappear.. 
Chocolate can help anything.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Crazy Ingredient Challenge - Cauliflower and Chocolate

I have joined a new group called Crazy Ingredient Challenge.  This group was started up by Jutta from Hungry Little Girl.  This month's challenge was cauliflower and chocolate.  When I first head these two combination I thought.... WHAT???  I am not a big cauliflower fan, I can eat it raw occasionally but not cooked.  So, what was I going to do.  I had been to a Dove Chocolate Tasting Party and bought some Sweet 'N' Spicy Cocoa Rub and also Roasted Chipotle Chocolate Salsa so thought I could use this as my chocolate part of the recipe.  
My first idea was just to use the rub on the cauliflower.  I was BBQing and thought this would be perfect.  I sprinkled some EEVO and the rub on the cauliflower, placed it on the BBQ.  Well, although it wasn't awful, it wasn't so great either... So back to the drawing board I went.

I did some searching for recipes with these two ingredients.  I found lots of chocolate cake recipes with cauliflower... but they didn't interest me.  I found recipes that you make cooked cauliflower and add cocoa.. tried that and didn't really like it.  I am not sure how I even got onto some recipes for Quinoa Bites but I did and I had an Aha moment... I could do quinoa bites with cauliflower and the salsa and the recipe began.

Chocolate Cauliflower Quinoa Bites

For Bites
1 cup cooked quinoa
1/4 cup cooked wild rice
1 cup cooked mashed cauliflower *(see note)
1/8 cup diced onions
1 egg
salt and pepper to taste
Parmesan Cheese

For Dip
1/4 cup greek yogurt - I used Chobani yogurt

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Mix quinoa, wild rice, cauliflower, salsa, onions, egg, salt and pepper together.  Place in mini muffin tins or drop from small cookie scoop. Sprinkle with a little Parmesan cheese.  Bake for 12 -15 minutes until golden brown.
For dip:  Mix yogurt and cocoa rub.

* Notes:  I cooked my cauliflower and then put it through the food processor. 

If you would like to join this group, just click on the button and it will take you to the page with the information and instructions you need to join.


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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Strawberry Raspberry White Chocolate Virgin Daiquiri

Baby it is hot out there... I know, I know it wasn't long ago that I was complaining about all the snow that we have, but it is hot out there!  I have never been one to enjoy the heat.  At least in the winter you can pile on more and more clothes but you can only take off so much and if you are a blob like me, I know that I wouldn't want to see me in a bikini so I would not submit you to it.
Good news.... I have found the perfect way to cool off.  This spring I went to a Dove Chocolate Tasting Party and then last month I hosted a party and got some way cool stuff to cook, bake and experiment with.  If you have a chance to go to a party or else have a party yourself ~ Do it!
My first drink is all about strawberries, raspberries and chocolate... Sorry for the long name but I did want to get in that this is a non-alcoholic drink.

Strawberry Raspberry White Chocolate Virgin Daiquiri

This recipe is basically what it says on the package plus a little bit extra.  I also had to add strawberries as I had no raspberries in the house, but I think the combination tastes wonderful.

7 oz lemon- lime soda
1 cup ice
1/2 cup fresh strawberries ( you could use frozen)
1 square Chef- Series Chocolate (milk Chocolate) melted 
whipped cream for garnish (homemade or from the can)

Add daiquiri mix, lemon-lime soda, ice, and strawberries in a blender.  Blend until smooth.
Melt chocolate.  Add 1/2 the chocolate mix to blender and blend well.  Chocolate will harden once hits drink, so add a little at a time and blend.
Pour into glass.  Makes one 16 oz drink or two 8 oz drinks if you would like to share.  Garnish with whipped cream and drizzle the rest of the chocolate over the whipped cream.

Perfect for these warm days.
Just be careful as the chocolate bits may plug up your straw.  You may want to eat this delicious drink with a spoon so you get all the yummy smooth Dove Chocolate.
Keep a watch out for my next drink... It has mangoes in it and chocolate.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June's #SurpriseRecipeSwap- Chocolate Apricot Pistachio Krispie Granola Bars

Surprise Recipe Swap

Once again it is that time again.. Time to reveal who's blog we had and the recipe that we decided to make.    This swap was started by Jutta from Hungry Little Girl and if you would like information about this swap, click on the button at the bottom of the post.  I have had lots of fun, going through blogs and finding recipes that I would love to make... The only hard part is narrowing your choice down to one recipe.
This month I was given Christie from A Kitchen Hoor.  Her blog was new to me so was excited to go through it and check out many great recipes.  She has many great and delicious recipes and I had a very hard time picking only one.. but I did and I have a list of many others that I will be trying sometime in the near future.
The recipe that I picked was her Fancy Pistachio Apricot Rice Krispie Treat.  I was intrigued as I read the recipe and never would have thought of the fact that with rice krispie treats you have one bag of marshmallows and 6 cups of dried ingredients (the rice krispies)... DUH! of course that is what it is and you could easily change the dried ingredients.  I also love that they had oatmeal in them and that the oatmeal was toasted.  As I was thinking about these I thought why not toast the sesame seeds too.  So that is what I did. I place both together in a pan and baked them in a 400 degree oven until they were a light brown.  I checked them every few minutes and turned them so they wouldn't burn, they took about 12 -15 minutes for me to toast.
I also had an "A Ha Moment"  and thought I would add some Chia Seeds to mine , as I thought they would make them just a little bit healthier I  made two batches of these wonderful bars, the first I added 2 tbsp of chia seeds and the second I forgot..  I also wanted to add some chocolate.  I had bought some Dove Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Rounds  that I had bought at a chocolate party and again, the first batch I forgot to put them in and the second batch I had remembered. 
 The first batch I used outdated marshmallows that I had lying around... not a good idea as they really didn't want to melt properly.  I also stick my mallows and butter in a bowl and melt them in the microwave for a couple of minutes.  They poofed up like they were going to mix well but not so great... therefore that is why one batch is round instead of bars.

Chocolate Apricot Pistachio Krispie Granola Bars
1 cup dried apricots cut in small pieces
1/2 cup sunflower seeds (toasted)
1 cup pistachio cut in small pieces
2 cups old fashion rolled oats (toasted)
1.5 cups rice krispies
1/2 cup chocolate chopped (optional)
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp ginger
1/2 tsp nutmeg
2 tbsp chia seed (optional)
16  ounces marshmallows
3 tbsp butter

Toast sunflower seeds and rolled oats in oven at 400 degrees.  Turn every few minutes so they won't burn.  It took about 12  - 15 minutes for mine to be a nice brown colour.
As these are roasting, cut up apricots, shell and break pistachio in small pieces (I used my mallet to do this), chop up the chocolate.  In large mixing bowl add all ingredients except marshmallows and butter.
In a second large bowl add marshmallows and butter.  Place in microwave and melt on high for approx 2 minutes ~ check at 30 seconds or 1 minute intervals. You can also melt this over the stove.  Mix.  Add dry ingredients and mix thoroughly.  
Place in a greased 9 X 13 pan spread evenly with back of a spoon or your hand that is slightly wet.  It is easier to spread the mixture if your hand or spoon is slightly wet.  
* my first batch didn't mix well as my marshmallows were old, so I rolled them into balls.  You could do this even if they mix well.

Second batch with chocolate

First batch that I rolled into balls
This recipe was awesome. They are a combination of a rice krispie treat and a granola bar.  I love all the flavours that and I like a chewy granola bar so this is right up my alley. I was hoping that they would have small bits of chocolate in them but all the chocolate melted.. but still tasted wonderfully.  I plan on making these again for my husband and I am sure he will like them.  What's not to like ~ they have everything apricots, pistachios, granola, spices.... chocolate! and dark chocolate so that it is healthy for you.
Thank you Christie for a wonderful recipe.
Make sure you head over to A Kitchen Hoor and check out all the wonderful recipes she has.  

If you would like more information about this Recipe Swap or would like to join, click on the button below
To check out all the recipes in the Surprise Recipe Swap head over here.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Peanut Butter Chocolate Caramel Corn

Not so long  I was chatting with a co-worker about how peanut butter and chocolate goes so well together.  As we chatted we came up with this combination for a treat.  I came home and made and it was delicious, if I say so myself.  This recipe really doesn't have any measurements as I just put things together but hopefully you will get the idea.
I do have to tell you a story, as I was making this, I place the caramel bits in a cup to melt in the microwave. I had set it first for 30 seconds and it didn't even come close to melting them, they were still hard.  So I put them on again for 2 minutes ~ Thinking that I would check them about every 30 seconds.  I was busy pouring the melted chocolate and drizzling the the peanut butter spread over the popcorn and snitching a kernel or two to taste that I forgot about the caramels in the microwave....  I am sure that you can imagine what happened.  The next thing I knew was that the whole kitchen smelt like it was burning.  The caramel was  burnt to a crisp.  The moral of the story is that when you are melting something you should set the time for short intervals so you remember to check it often. 

Peanut butter Chocolate Caramel Corn 

chocolate (melted)
caramel bits (melted)
peanut butter spread

Make 1 -2 cups popcorn and add a handful of peanuts, spread on cookie sheet.  Drizzle with melted chocolate, caramel and peanut butter spread.  Let sit until hardens and enjoy.

The peanut butter spread I used was Der Dutchman Peanut Butter Spread.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

#Cookies, Cookies and more... Triple Chocolate Chip Biscoff Cookies

We are having a Cookie Party on Foodie Friends Friday starting tonight at 9pm EST.
I hope you will all join us with your favorite cookie recipes.
I can't wait to see what you will bring.

So in honour of this party I decided to make my own cookies.
I was looking for a recipe to make for a bake sale that my hubby had to bring baking for this week and found this wonderful recipe from Isabelle at Home.  I love Isabelle, not only because she is Canadian but she has a wonderful blog and wonderful recipes.  You have to head over there and check them out, her post will make you want to come back for more.
This recipe had biscoff and as we always have biscoff in the house, I knew we would have the ingredients.  My husband goes through a jar a week.  Biscoff and chocolate chips, were could a person go wrong. 
I had sent the couple leftover cookies that I didn't pack for bake sale with my hubby and he sent me and email yesterday saying "So can u make some of the cookies made yesterday again?  They taste very goooooood!!!".  I made a second batch just for him... But remember to check the temperature of the oven.  I thought I had turned it to 375 but it was closer to 400 so a few got burnt.  But the cookies must be gooooood as he is even eating the burnt ones :).
Yesterday afternoon I got another email from hubby that he received from one of the guys at the bakesale ~~" Your cookies were a huge hit- we had a few people come back to buy more after getting one."
These are one good cookie.  Thanks Isabelle for the recipe!

Triple Chocolate Chip Biscoff Cookies

3/4 cup biscoff spread
1/2 cup butter
1 cup brown sugar
3 tbsp cream
1 egg
1/2 cup whole wheat flour
1 1/4 cup white flour (King Arthur Flour)
3/4 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla (I used Mimi's Magic Apron Vanilla Extract)**
2 cups chocolate chip or broken baking chocolate ***

Preheat oven to 375 degrees
Cream biscoff spread, butter, brown sugar, cream,egg and vanilla together.  Add flour, baking soda and salt until just mixed.  Stir in chocolate.  I used my  pampered chef cookie scoop and dropped them on the cookie sheet.  Bake for 12-14 minutes.  Mine didn't flatten out like Isabelle's did.
*** for the first batch of cookies I use 1 cup milk chocolate Ghirardelli, 1/2 cup semisweet Ghiradelli baking chocolate, broken in pieces and 1/2 cup Ghiradelli white chocolate broken in pieces.  For the second batch I use 3/4 cup milk chocolate chips, 3/4 cup semisweet chocolate chips and 1/2 cup white chocolate pieces.
** I won Mimi's Magic Apron Vanilla Extract and love the flavour.  It also makes me believe that my mom is baking right beside me as my mom's name was Mimmie.

I even broke down and had a cookie, although I am not supposed to have one as I am on a no sugar, no grain, no legume program right now.  But they smelt so good I just had to try them.

I used my pampered chef cookie scoop and dropped them on the pan


Ϡ₡✻   Marlys

✻✿*.¸.* Enjoy your day....`*.¸.*✻✿*.¸.*

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