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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tea Bag Holders

This is a pinterest craft that I have pinned and have wanted to make for some time.  I thought it would be perfect gift to make for friends that may be tea lovers.  For anyone that does any kind of paper crafts like scrapbooking this would be an ideal way to use up those scraps.  An inexpensive and easy way to send tea.

Tea Bag Holders

Card stock
Scrapbooking paper
Mod Podge Glue

Measure card stock width 7 inches and length of 9.5 inches.  Cut card stock.
Measure the cut card stock at 2.5 inches, 4 inches and the last 3rd of the card will be 3 inches.  Fold the bottom 2.5 inches upwards and the fold the top downward 3 inches.  This will make an envelope.
Glue both edges of the 2.5 inch fold and then glue down a small strip in the middle.  You will then have 2 pockets to put your tea bags in.
Embellish the envelope with scrapbooking papers stickers.
I did put a button in the middle of the top fold and used thread that I taped in a loop on the bottom back.  I found the top of the envelop wouldn't lay flat so this helped to make it more secure.

I think these would make a great gift for Tea Loving Friends - perfect for Valentines.  I will be tucking one of these in the packages I am sending out to a few friends with some cup cozies... Instead of store bought tea bags, make a few tea bags of your own to tuck these one I made.

A closer look of the outside and inside of the holder...

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  1. This is interesting. thanks for sharing and pinning in my board.

  2. What a cute idea. Love that you saw an idea on Pinterest and did it. I'm great at pinning things but terrible at following through with them.

  3. I LOVE this idea- I am a tea drinking fiend- pinned!

    xx Kait


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