This and that: No Sun for Sunlit Sunday...

Sunday, January 12, 2014

No Sun for Sunlit Sunday...

This week came and went... with only a bit of a peak of the sun ... I noticed it the other day when I got up in the afternoon... But my eyes just couldn't stay awake to enjoy it and when I got up for the day the sun was gone.... and then I was sad and wishing that I hadn't wasted the day sleeping.  Looking at the forecast it doesn't look like we will see any kind of sun until next weekend.

No Sun for Sunlit Sunday

But looking at the bright side... we didn't have a lot of extra snow fall and the temperatures have increased to bearable, it was even melting a small amount today.

So, because I don't have any sun pictures... I decided this week I would show things that bring the sun into my life on these deary days....

My brother and his family came over during the Christmas season and we had a late Christmas with them.


Even though the temperatures where cold and the windchill was in the minus numbers... I think it was around -25 F or so, we had to go out and play in the snow..

We made snow angels...

                     Posed for Pictures                                                                   Had fun jumping in the snow


Threw some snowballs

   and that was time for Auntie to leave... They were getting to close for comfort.

Scary time...

My Rays of Sunlight....

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  1. Your post put a smile on my face...especially the kids playing in the cold and snow!! smile...

  2. This is great, Marlys. You've shown a beautiful way of participating in Sunlit Sunday without a ray in the sky. Your three young relatives look ready for fun and would brighten any day. I think I want to go make a snow angel!

    I hope your week is a lovely one.


  3. It looks like lots of fun in the snow - brrrrrrrr!

  4. Well you could always do snowlit Sunday, they look to be having such a good time.


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