This and that: Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


He who thanks but with the lips
Thanks but in part:
The full, the true Thanksgiving 
Comes from the heart.
J.A. Shed

As I sit here this morning, thinking of Thanksgiving...
I fill blessed for so many things.
First to God as with out Him we would have nothing to be thankful for.
Then to our country and those who put their life's on the line everyday to keep our country safe and free.
Then to my family and friends...
Everyone of you brings joy to my life in a special way.

This is a special Thanksgiving for me 
Although I have lived here in United States for 12 years.
This year I am an American! 
We need to be thankful and not only for today that we live in a country that is free...
that we are given the freedom of religion,
the freedom of speech,

May each and everyone of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  1. Good Morning Marlys, I just wanted to pop by to say have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends. I know you will be cooking something scrumptious. Enjoy. Best Wishes Daphne

    1. Thanks Daphne... We are making a turkey this year.. I haven't made a whole turkey for many years... Using lots of spices ~ ginger, anise, garlic, onions. Hoping that it turns out ok. Smells good.

  2. Beautiful post! Congratulations on your citizenship. I love your picture of the pumpkins and mums.

    1. Thanks Elena. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving also.

  3. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family. congrats

    1. Thanks Swathi, Happy thanksgiving to you also.

  4. Congratulations and Happy Thanksgiving Marly. Thanks for stopping by and following me. I'm new to FFF and look forward to sharing with you.

    I look forward to seeing you again soon.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Joanne and I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.


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