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Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Foodie Penpal

I am really not sure where the times goes.  It is already the first of November and I haven't written my October Foodie Penpal post.
 Last month I was paired up to send my penpal Dee a package.  She doesn't have a blog and I didn't think of taking a picture of it so will describe what I put in the package.  She is a wonderful person from Connecticut and told me  she is hosting an annual cookie swap and is obsessed with cookie recipes.  This gave me an idea of what to send her... cookies.  She did also tell me that she would liked baked goods, so it was perfect I could make some Maple Creme Cookies and send her some.. I also included in the package a Michigan Cookie cutter and some local maple syrup to make her own Maple Creme Cookies as I included the recipe.  With cookies you need coffee and seeing it was fall I sent her some Pumpkin Coffee.    She let me know that she received my package and that she" loved Everything in it, especially the maple cookies and the recipe".  Her and her son were going to make Michigan cookies with the cookie cutters.  Glad she liked her package as this was her first penpal swap.
Now, onto my package and as you can see by the picture... I hit the motherload again!  Emily from Indianapolis sent me this package and she did a wonderful job.  As I have no restrictions the only thing that I asked was something that was made in the area and something homemade if she had the time.  And I got both!  So happy.  She sent me me some Cocoa Kettle Indiana Popcorn, I have had Indiana Popcorn but not cocoa kettle and I am sold... YUM!  The homemade gift was raincoast crisps, something I never tried and I started eating them as soon as I opened the box... Another YUM!  I had to write her back to ask for the recipe and will be making some for myself.  The raincoast crisps were in a Halloween treat bag... So, yeah for me, I didn't have to go trick or treating to get a Halloween treat.  Also homemade was some apple butter.  This year I had decided to make my own but had never tasted it, so was nice to compare mine with someone else... Her apple butter was also very YUMMY!
Emily also sent me some tea.. ginger, peach black tea and it is so good.. I am sipping some as I write this post in the wee hours of the morning, or at least I think it is the wee hours. There was also some dark chocolate that I haven't opened and some Fig preserve.  My thoughts for the preserve is maybe making some thumbprint cookies for Christmas.  I will let you know how they turn out.
Thanks Emily for a wonderful package.. You are the best.    
my snack - popcorn and tea

Halloween treat - raincoat crisps!

Here is a the cookies that I sent to Dee
and I promise that I will post the
recipe soon!

Foodie Penpal is a wonderful and fun thing to do
Each month you are paired with someone 
to send a package to and some to receive one from.
The boxes are filled with fun foodie things ~
local food items or even homemade.
The spending limit is $15.
It is open to blog readers as well as bloggers.
contact  Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean 
if you would like to join or if you want more information.

The Lean Green Bean
You can click on the picture to get to The Lean Green Bean ~ Foodie Pen Pals..


  1. Indiana Popcorn is yummy! I sent it to my first foodie penpal as well :) I like all your treats!

    1. I love Indiana Popcorn, Isabelle and this cocoa kettlecorn is great.

  2. I sooooo want to sign up for a foodie penpal! How exciting and fun!


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