This and that: Foodie Friends Friday Winners!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Foodie Friends Friday Winners!

Last week we had a great Thanksgiving Party
with lots of great recipes.
Thanks to all who shared their recipes.
I am going to have fun checking them out.

Last week winners:
Top 3 Voted
Feeding Big ~ Cranberry Orange Muffins
Cozycakes Cottages ~ Simple Scottish Shortbread
Adorned Well ~ Cinnamon Honey Butter

Most Clicked
Cozycakes Cottages ~ Simple Scottish Shortbread
Recipe Roundup ~ Bikini Tanned Turkey
Feeding Big ~ Cranberry Orange Muffin

Sponsor Winners

Host Favorite
Foodie Friends Friday
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This week's host favorite goes to 
Axiom At Home for  Candied Ginger
I love this recipe as we eat lots of Candied Ginger and I never thought of making it myself.
My husband grew up with it and uses it when he feels ill ~ colds, upset stomache.
I also like to eat it just like candy.

picture courtesy of Axiom At Home

This week we are having a coffee party.
Three lucky winners will receive
coffee from Don Tomas Coffee.
And if you don't win... great news
You can get your own wonderful coffee from Don Thomas Coffee
for 20% off through January.


  1. Thanks for letting everyone know the winners! I like the Candied Ginger post also!

  2. Thank you for the party Marlys
    Wishing you a good weekend


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