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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jars to Valentine's Candle or Candy Dish

One of my go to places to find ideas for crafts in Pinterest and I found this great, simple inexpensive way to make candles or even a candy dish or cookies... or what ever you may want to put in it.  I know I would love to have this on my mantle or even on my dresser, holding knick knacks.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

No Sun for Sunlit Sunday...

This week came and went... with only a bit of a peak of the sun ... I noticed it the other day when I got up in the afternoon... But my eyes just couldn't stay awake to enjoy it and when I got up for the day the sun was gone.... and then I was sad and wishing that I hadn't wasted the day sleeping.  Looking at the forecast it doesn't look like we will see any kind of sun until next weekend.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Foodie Friends Friday Healthy Choice Linky Party ~ #foodiefriendsfriday

The New Year has come and I am sure all of us have made goals to eat healthy or at least most of us.  I know that is one of the goals I have set out to do this year.  So far I have done pretty well.  I have tried to change the way we eat and use ingredients that may be a healthy choice for us.

Fill the Cookie Jar with Granola Cookies

It is time to Fill the Cookie Jar and I think mine was empty for a long time... as when I asked hubby what I make his comment was ~~ "You make cookies".  His only suggestion was to make something that wasn't too sweet and I think I fulfilled his request.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Almondina Cookie Review

Disclaimer:  I was given Almondina product to review.  All opinion are 100% mine

photo credit: Almondina Biscuit

Almondina Cookie Review

I was asked to review Almondina Biscuits and I am sure glad that I did.. These cookies/biscuits are wonderful, so full of flavour and just downright yummy.   The day that they came in the mail, we opened a couple of the packages right away... scarfing them down right out of the package.  Both hubby and I loved them.

You have never heard of Almondina Biscuits... well let me tell you a little about them.  These are Grandma's secret recipes and everyone knows that Grandma makes the best cookies.

'Generous as she was in giving away her recipes, Grandmother Dina kept the one for Petit Gateau Sec a total secret until the end of her life. Only then did she finally reveal the secret to her daughter, Ahuda, my mother. It is with her blessing and with pride that the Zaliouk family shares these delicious, healthful wonders with your family.”
I, for one am very glad that she gave her blessing and these cookies are on the market.  They are all natural, no added salt or fat, no cholesterol or preservatives, just good taste.   The only fat in these biscuits are from the almonds which is the main ingredient.  They are low in calories also ~ 30 calories per slice, are kosher and pareve (no dairy) and are made right here in America. Along with the original flavour they have a total of 8 flavours of biscuits... and so far I like them all.  I am lucky as I get to eat the Cinnaroma all by myself as hubby doesn't like anything with cinnamon so won't even try them.. Not that I am complaining. 

As you can see in the above picture they are chock full of almonds and raisins.  They are crunchy, addictive (I can attest to this) and healthy.  Once our supply is gone, all I have to do is hope that I can buy them here locally as this is a cookie that I will be continuing to eat.  It is perfect for any occasion and sweet enough that I feel that I am having a treat and healthy that I don't have to worry about going off my New Year's goal of eating healthy.

If you want more information about this delightful cookie head over to their almondia or follow them on facebook or twitter.

I like them with a cup of coffee or tea or even just alone.  They are the perfect snack for us.

Almondina's Mission is accomplished...

"To Put a delicious healthful cookie on every table"

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter Sunset

I have decided to combine my photography blog with this blog... You didn't know I had a photography blog did you?  Well, know you will see those post over here.  All I have to do is figure out where to put the tab so that it is easy for you to find these post.

Karen from My Little Home and Garden each winter has a meme called Sunlit Sunday.  I am so excited that she is doing it again this year.    It is a little way to get some sunlight into the dreary winter we are having everywhere... cold and snow.  If you would like to join, head over and check out what you need to do and bring a little Sunlight into Our Lives. 

 We haven't had much sunlight this winter as it has snowed every day... and I mean every day.... Snowed so much that the last I heard we have had a total of 170 inches so far.  A couple of weeks ago we did get a little sun  and the sunset was magnificent.  I did take these pictures through my second story window on my phone.

Winter Sunset

I love the colour of the sky in this picture and the sun shining on the house that is in the background. 

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Foodie Friends Friday Linky Party ~ 30 Minute Meal Party

We are always in a hurry and it is hard to take the time to make a proper meal.  This can be changed with meals that take only 30 minutes to make.... I know I have a few that are healthy and delicious and quick to make and I am sure you do to.. Can't wait to see what you will bring.