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Friday, August 14, 2015

Preparing for a Garage Party

If you are anything like me, your garage is not always a place you want to have a party.  Mine is like that, it isn't finished and along with our vehicles we have many other things in there.  This week I had a work party and we held it in my garage.

Preparing for a Garage Party

I didn't have a lot of time to get everything ready for the party and I sure didn't want to be moving everything out of the garage (for one thing I can't move the motorcycle)... So, I did the next best thing.  I moved everything to the perimeter of the garage and set up the party in the middle.

I also didn't want to spend lots in the decorations.  My first stop for items was the Dollar Tree.  There I found paper tablecloths, silverware (or should I say plastic ware), napkins and plates.  I also found some lace and really wish I would have bought two rolls but I made due with what I bought.  Everything else I used with things I had at home.

For the drink table I used a couple of saw horses and a piece of plywood that we had lying around the garage.  I did use a second thicker board on the top of the plywood as the plywood was very light and I was worried that it would break.  For the cups, plates and napkins I placed them in a basket that.  I made silverware holders buy using mason jars and gluing burlap and lace around the jar, tying jute around and gluing a couple of buttons that match my decor.  Easy and inexpensive - I spent $4.00 plus a scraps that I had at home.

As you can see in the top picture I did put some ice in some tupperware bowls to keep the Iced Coffee and Sun Iced Tea that made.   For my recipe for the Iced Coffee, head over to the Daily Dish Magazine and I will be posting the Sun Iced Tea recipe soon.

For the Food Table I used a plastic tablecloth from The Dollar Tree and cut a small part of the blue tablecloth to put the centerpiece.  For the centerpiece I again used a mason jar, glued burlap and ribbon to the bottom of the jar, tied jute and glued buttons on the front.  I filled the jar about 1/3 to 1/2 full of beans and added a tea light.  I also added a vase full of flowers from my garden.  

I also made some take home gifts..  The drink cups came from the Dollar Tree and added some instant drink and coffee mix.  The pails I got from Target and added cookies, gum, towels and nail clippers.  I spent about $3-$4 per gift.  I will be sharing how I made the clipboards soon. 

You can have a party in your garage and make it look nice for little money.
I think the party was a success.

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