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Monday, November 17, 2014

Fall Foliage Wreath

Fall is one of my favorite seasons.  I love the changing of the colours and living up here in the UP it is magnificent.  We all know that even though this season is beautiful,  colours only last for a short while and very soon the trees are bare and all those colours are fluttering to the ground.  One way to preserve all this beauty is to make a wreath with the flowers and foliage.

Fall Foliage Wreath

One thing about living here in the UP there is no shortage of leaves.  My yard in the fall is always full of beautiful coloured leaves...
Fall Foliage Wreath/ This and That #leaves #uppermichigan

..... and this year all those leaves are now under 3 feet of snow as I didn't get them raked up.  I did go out and pick up a few of the leaves.  With the leaves I picked I made some roses.  I had seen pictures of  roses made from leaves and wanted to try my hand in making them.  

Fall Foliage Wreath/ This and That  Leaf Rose. #leaf #roses

A couple of tips that I found when I was making them is to make sure you have new fallen leaves and not ones that have dried.  The softer the leaf, the more pliable they are and they won't rip.   I love the colours of this rose, don't you.  When I was making my roses, I had used a picture that I saw floating around on facebook.  I found the picture and the link to help you make yours.   After I made mine I sprayed them with hairspray.

Fall Foliage Wreath/ This and That  Bringing fall into your home and preserving the wonderful flowers and leaves.

This fall I had dried some hydrangea.  I find hydrangeas are easy to dry.  All I do is pick them and set them in a vase without water and let them dry.  I picked both white hydrangea and I have a pink ice cream hydrangea.

Fall Foliage Wreath/ This and That #leafroses #driedflowers #dollartreecraft

Dried Hydrangea
3 Leaf Roses
Dried Leaves
Grapevine Wreath
Glue either Mod Podge or Glue Gun

Make Leaf Rose.
Arrange roses on your wreath and glue in place
Cutting small amounts of the hydrangea, glue in between roses. ~ I used both the white and pink dried hydrangea.
Glue a couple of leaves in place.
I then made a 5 loop bow and glued it to the side.
Take a few single hydrangea flowers and glue to the top of the wreath.

Fall Foliage Wreath/ This and That #driedflowers #leafroses

This project was a very cheap project to make as the flowers and foliage came from my yard.  I found the grapevine wreath at Target for $1.00.  The wreath did have some felt flowers on it that I removed. The ribbon came from the Dollar Tree ~ $1.00 for the roll and I used a small amount of the ribbon.  So for less then $2.00 I have a wonderful wreath.

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