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Monday, September 22, 2014

Jamie at Home Cookbook Review

A couple of months ago I joined a group that does a cookbook review each week.   It has been fun checking out new cookbooks and making some of the recipes.  I do have to tell you that I vary seldom make a recipes as it is written but with these reviews I am trying hard to do just that.  This month we are reviewing Jamie at Home.

Jamie at Home Cookbook Review

Jamie at Home Cookbook Review/ This and That #cookbookreview #recipes

Jamie at Home is full of recipes that are made with fresh produce and herbs.  I did find as I was reading through the cookbooks that many of these recipes have lots of steps and didn't really make to much sense to me as written. Some of the recipes don't have amounts or say so many glugs so if you are a novice cook or need to have things precise, this cookbook is not for you.

The first recipe that I made was the Tomato Sauce Recipe.

Jamie at Home Cookbook Review/ This and That  Tomato Sauce #cookbookreview #tomato #freshveggies

I had some fresh tomatoes from my garden so this recipe was perfect and it tasted wonderful.  I did have some problem when I was reading this recipe as it said to run the the sauce through a big sieve and to remove the basil and garlic.. Not sure how to do this and to keep the "tomatoey goodness". Instead of removing anything, once I put everything through the sieve I put everything into my food processor and returned it all back into the pot.

The Pizza Dough was awesome.  I halved the recipe as it seem to make a lot.  I did use my dough hook instead of kneading as I have problems kneading dough.  

Jamie at Home Cookbook Review/ This and That  - Pizza dough #pizza #cookbookreview

I used the tomato sauce and pizza dough to make a superb pizza, full of fresh vegetables and herbs. Stay tune for the recipe.  

Jamie at Home Cookbook Review/ This and That #pizza #tomato #mozzarella

The last recipe I made was for Crispy Sticky Chicken Thigh with Squashed New Potatoes and Tomatoes.  I loved this recipe, it tasted awesome.  This recipe is not hard to make but does have lots of steps and many dishes to wash or at least I felt it did.  This recipe says that it is serves 4, I made approx 1/3 and to me this was enough to feed at least 3 people.  So I am not sure if the recipe was wrong.. or my Chicken Thighs are bigger then the one Jaime made.

Jamie at Home Cookbook Review/ This and That ~ #chicken #potato #tomato
Instead of using a separate pan, I used my cast iron pan that I cooked the chicken in... Just drained the oil from the pan.

Last month I reviewed Pioneer Women - A Year of Holidays.

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  1. Delicious looking recipes and I hated to miss participating this month. I wanted to try the tomato sauce and pizza dough as well. I'm sure I will later. The chicken dish does look like a lot of food.


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