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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Harvest Your Health Bundle Sale and A Review

I have become an affiliate for Harvest your Health and have had an opportunity to read some of the great ebooks that have been offered in this bundle.  I also have been able to make some of the recipes that are in the book.  Today I am going to review two of the recipe books that I like.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Grandma's cookbooks

I love cookbooks and recipes and I think I got my love for them from my Grandmother.
Grandma Johnson gave me cookbooks for my birthday and for Christmas for many years.
Each book that she gave me, she would sign it with her name and the year she gave it.
These cookbooks are a great memory.

Grandma's Cookbooks

My grandmother loved to bake and always had a freezer full.  Most of that time those bakings from the freezer would end up at our house.  I remember my dad telling grandma that she should bring her baking over as soon as she made it instead of freezing it and then bringing it over after it has been in the freezer for a few months.  But she always had to freeze them first.  
She always made me an Angel Food Cake for my birthday.  She knew that it was one of my favorites and for years she would make it from scratch. As she got older she would start making it from a box.  I always knew that I would get an Angel Food Cake and a cookbook for my birthday.  
Now I can read those cookbooks and remember her.  When Grandma started downsizing she asked all her grandchildren what they wanted from her.  My request was her cookbooks and I got them.  She also made sure that everyone knew they were all mine and I got more after she passed away.  Her books had some notes written in the margins and her recipe cards always said who the recipes came from.  I can tell which recipes were her favorite by how worn the cards or pages were or how stained they are.

As I was going through her recipe box, I came across one recipe that was named Mimmie Buns.  This recipe is my mom's and you can see by the card that there isn't a lot of directions.  It is to the point.  Just the way my mom cooked.

I love having these recipe cards and when I bake or cook from them, I feel that I have Grandma cooking beside me.  Telling me what to do.  
Do you have any cookbooks or recipes from your loved ones? 
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