This and that: Harvest Your Health Bundle Sale and A Review

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Harvest Your Health Bundle Sale and A Review

I have become an affiliate for Harvest your Health and have had an opportunity to read some of the great ebooks that have been offered in this bundle.  I also have been able to make some of the recipes that are in the book.  Today I am going to review two of the recipe books that I like.

The first one is A Paleo Pumpkin Thanksgiving.  I am a big pumpkin fan and I loved this cookbook.. What could be better then a cookbook that is full of recipes.  The two recipes I made were quick and easy and with items from that most of you have in your pantry.

The recipes that I made were Pumpkin Spice Latte as you already know if you follow me I love my latte and to go along with it I made Pumpkin Spice Caveman Bars.  Both recipes are yummy and full of flavour, perfect for your afternoon coffee on a nice Fall day.  I am not sure if I did the bars right as they were very crumbly... but still tasted good.. who would have thought that dates and pumpkin spices would go together but they do...

The other recipe I made was with chocolate and almonds.... YUM! This recipe is from The Paleo Chocolate Cookbook.  In this recipe book there is a basic chocolate bar recipe and then what you can add as flavours.. nuts, fruits and unique.

 I decided to go with almond today and I cut my bars into stars as this recipe gets 5 stars from me. Mine turned out chewy and delicious.

Now are you wondering what else comes in this bundle as it does say 71 ebooks and I have only talked about 2... Here is a look at what else you will receive.

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My next ebook to look at is Crazy for Kale.. What for that review.
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I have my husband the Run with No Pain ebook as he is having problems with his knee while running and he loves running not like me who is allergic to all things exercise.

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YES, You get all this for the low price of $37.00 which is 97% off.
You would pay over $1000 dollars for all.
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Disclaimer:  As an affiliate I get a percentage of the sales of every bundle that is bought through my site.

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