This and that: Earth Day- Recycling K-Cups

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day- Recycling K-Cups

It is Earth Day today.. 
Did you do anything to help the earth?
We can't see the Earth here yet in the UP as yesterday nature decided to give us a surprise with more of the white stuff falling.  Instead of going out to celebrate earth day we started to get ready for when we can finally plant our garden and did some recycling.

Earth Day

I am a big saver.  I save everything, just in case some day down the road I can reuse whatever I am saving for something else.  Although I am not someone who is big into recycling, I do worry about what happens to everything we throw away and how we can help by doing our part in recycling. I also save them at home as there isn't a place to recycle anything close so instead of throwing them into the garbage all the time, they just pile up in my house... Hoarder Here!

One of the items that I do save is K-cups.  I go into spurts of buying K-cups when they go on sale because I find they are easier then using the reusable cups (yes I am lazy).  So because of this I have lots and lots of K-cups laying around.  Each year I keep them thinking that I can use them to start my seeds.  This year I did.  The grounds from the cups when I emptied them, I saved and will throw into the garden (once the snow is finally gone that is).

To use the Kcups for your gardening starts is easy.  The first thing you need to do is clean out the grounds from the Kcup.  There is a filter in the cup that can be left in. The hole in the bottom of the cup will help drain the extra water.  Fill the cup with dirt.  In the center of the dirt make an indentation about 1/4 inch deep.  Add 3-4 seeds (I usually add a few extra seeds, just in case some of them don't germinate).  Cover with dirt and water.  Keep in a warm place and water daily.    I did write on the cups with a marker what seeds I put in.  Easy and you have done some recycling (and you saved some money - Win Win).  Once the seeds have germinated and started to grow, I will be transplanting them into something bigger before planting them into the garden.  

I also recycled my watering bottle.  We drilled in some small holes into a lid of a water bottle.  This way the water is more of a sprinkle and not full force that will wash out my seeds.

Maybe not quite the planting of trees for Earth Day but this was my way to celebrate the day and recycle.   Once you have planted your seedlings into the garden the K-cups can be used for different craft projects. To find out how to make some awesome projects head over to The Kim Six Fix.. 

Kim has some awesome projects that you can do:
photo credit:  The Kim Six Fix
Aren't these daffodils so cute and perfect for your spring decor?
Hello spring daffodil sign
photo credit: The Kim Six Fix

What did you do for Earth Day?

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