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Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Flower Vase Craft

I saw this craft at Michaels Store and loved it.  You could buy it already made and it was so cute that I decided that I was going to make it myself and save a few dollars.  It was easy to make and I really only paid a few dollars for the complete project.

Spring Flower Vase Craft

Spring Flower Vase Craft / ThisandThat  @PlaidCrafts, Micheals Store, Dollar Store

Vases and or bottles (assorted sizes) - I used 3 stem vases that I bought at the Dollar Store and 3 bottles that I had lying around the house.
Mod Podge Glue
Mod Podge Sheer Transparent Paint - I used aqua, purple, orange, rose, green and yellow
Small Wooden Letters (S-P-R-I-N-G)
Scrapbook paper in spring colours
Floral Wire and tape
Flowers (I used Recollection Floral Embellishment that I bought at Michael's Store)
glue gun
coloured glass (you can buy these from the Dollar Store)

Some of my supplies
I painted the outside of my vase and bottles, using a foam brush. Adding small amount of more colour in places to get the texture and colour you want.  You could also place the paint inside and swirl the colour around like demonstrated here
Glue the scrapbooking paper to the wooden letters with mod podge glue and let dry.  Once dry cut the letters out.  As I was trying to use the same colour, my paper was variegated with yellows, oranges, pinks, purples and green but you can use anything you want or even paint the letters.  You can also buy finished letters in the scrapbooking department.
To make the flowers I cut my wire in different lengths.  Wrap florist tape around the wire and slightly curve the end of the wire and glue using a hot glue gun to the back of the flower.
Assemble:  Glue the letters to the vases or bottles in the arrangement you want (I used my hot glue gun for this but you can also use mod podge glue).  Place coloured glass in the bottom of the each vase/bottle (I just placed a few on the bottom to hold my flower).  Arrange flowers so they are different heights.

close up picture of the vases

close up of the flower
Simple, easy and inexpensive craft for Spring, using up some of the supplies that you may have in your home.  This would also be great for a Mother's Day Gift.. Instead of spring spell out Mother or Mom.  You could also do the same using the word Easter... the sky is the limit.

What kind of crafts do you do for spring? 

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  1. What a fun project! I love all the colors.

  2. I love these vases! if only I didn't have an out of control cat that loves to knock things over... some day I will be able to have pretty things :)

  3. What a great use up for the vases sitting around the home - I love it!! #SCBH2015

  4. I absolutely LOVE these vases! We featured you at The Project Stash....stop by and pick up your featured button!


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