This and that: Luck of the Irish (free printables)...

Monday, March 9, 2015

Luck of the Irish (free printables)...

Are you Irish or just want to be? 
t Do you decorate for St Patrick's Day? t
Do you make sure that you wear something green so your not pinched?
Well, I am not Irish not sure I want to be.  I don't decorated for St Patrick's Day but I decided to make some printables for you to help with your decorating.... Oh! and by the way I do try to remember green.. because I sure don't want to be pinched! 

Luck of the Irish (free printables)

The urban dictionary says that "luck of the Irish" doesn't mean luck but a positive attitude toward a bad situation.  If you really look back at any Irish history, the Irish aren't very luck people, but they do get up and keep going...  So saying that I hope you have the "luck of the Irish" this St Patrick's Day - may it be good luck, or bad luck with a positive attitude. 

Printable 5X7

Printable  5X7
Printable 8X11

May these printables give you the luck that you need, whether it is a full cup, roof over your head or something even more precious.

To help you do more decorating for St Patrick's Day I have included a few more ideas for you from our last week's Foodie Friends Friday Linky Party...

photo credits go to blogs in description below.

1.  You know how much I love printable and this Kiss Me I'm Irish printable from Save More Spend Less is so cute.  I love it even though I am not Irish.  Heidi also has some cake toppers for you to print out.

2.  Another way to show your Irish is by making a cute burlap bag.  Janel from A Mom's Take shows you how to make this bag inexpensively.  I love anything burlap and this is so cute.. Now I need a cricut as she has made a free template that you can use in your vinyl cutter.

3.  Do you want to catch a Leprechaun this St Patrick's Day?  Brett from This Momma Loves shows us how to make a garden, perfect for catching your leprechauns and all the supplies are from my favorite store the Dollar Store.

4.  I love to crochet and may just have to make some of these cute Shamrocks from Midwestern Mom's.  Wouldn't these be cute on a wreath, or in a centerpiece or even a gift.

5.  I have wanted for a long time to make my own soap and this may be the perfect time to do it.  Wouldn't these Shamrock Soaps from Simple Thrifty look cute on your bathroom vanity.   

What are you doing for St Patrick's Day?
Do you have any crafts you make?  r

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