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Friday, January 30, 2015

Valentine Bottles

I have always wanted to decorate bottles and have loved the bottles decorated with jute or twine.  So this year I decided that I was going to do it and I love the results.  They are easy to make and you could use them for vases or even just as a decoration.

Valentine Bottles

Twine or Jute (I used jute)
Glue gun
Printable (Optional)

Wash and dry bottle before using.
I started at the top and using twine winded it around the bottle, gluing the twine as I went down the bottle.
Decorate with buttons in a heart design.  I just randomly glued white and red buttons in a design,
Print and add label ( optional).

Close up of heart design made with buttons.

Free Printable
These also can be used as Valentine's card.

I had a frosted bottle that I thought would be perfect to use washi tape with.  My plans was to use the washi sheets I had but for some reason I can't find the sheets -  I have no idea where I put them when I was cleaning (downfall of cleaning).

Frosted Bottle
Washi Tape

Wash and dry bottle, remove any labels that may be on the bottle.
Apply washi tape to bottle in design of your choice.
Apply Printable.

I thought this bottle would be perfect to fill with an awesome Valentine's drink and serve with my Valentine's Dinner.

These printable can also be used as Valentine's card.

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  1. Hi Marlys. I love anything twine/jute wrapped and have done several of these. I love your Valentine one - so cute. Cathy

  2. These are so cute! What a great way to use up those empty bottles I have laying around!!!!

  3. Super cute! I did some Valentine bottles too! Love the twine and the button heart, super creative!


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