This and that: Driving in style with a Kia Soul !

Monday, May 12, 2014

Driving in style with a Kia Soul !

If you have been following any of my social media, you will know that I was fortunate enough to travel to Captiva Island to celebrate a couple of friends and my upcoming 50th birthday, but did you know we were able to do it in style with a Kia Soul !

Driving in Style with A Kia Soul !

I was given a Kia Soul ! to test drive through Drive STI for my honest opinion.  All opinions are 100% mine. 

We took the car to the beach...

Kia Soul ! on the Gulf of Mexico Shore
Yellow, I am not sure how Kia and Drive STI knew that I loved the colour yellow for a vehicle.  Yellow was one of the reason I picked the vehicle I did... yes, I picked my car because of the colour.. Don't you? or the other reason was that they knew that 3 old ladies would be navigating in this car and they were worried that we would lose it when we parked it... With this bright vehicle you would never lose it in a parking lot.. another great reason to buy a yellow vehicle.

We went shopping and/or to Starbucks.....

Easy to find in the parking lots
This wonderful car has a key- less start.  Which for this near 50 year old was amazing.  I had never driven a car with a key-less start so loved being able to push a button to start the car.  It did take me a few times to remember that I had to push down on the brake before I could start the car.  The first time I stopped and jumped back in the car I went to start it by pushing the button... Nothing... no firing, no starting.  I was worried that I would have to call the 1-800 number and tell them that I did something to their car until I realized I needed to step on the brake.. Yes, this 50 year old also has blonde roots that sometimes extend to my toes... 

We Navigated... or at least we tried....

The Kia Soul comes with a navigating system that is supposed to be easy to navigate around.  Well, the first time we used it was just after we got the car, we clicked the button, went to the restaurants and found one that we thought we would like... We drove around (remember we are just about 50 and tired,and hungry) and drove around and couldn't find it...  And as we were driving we found another restaurant.. Well we got out and the first restaurant was just around the corner... I guess that the navigational system is only as good as the navigator behind the wheel.  It did get better as we traveled and as long as we listened to what it said we found where we were going....  But the girls did find very quickly the mute button as they didn't like how I talked back to the navigator...

Everything at Arm's length

I did love how everything was within arms length and some of the buttons were even on the steering wheel.. We did have to chuckle when we were shown the seat warmers... We were in Florida not the north were we came from.  But along with seat warmers, they also cooled the seats, which for me was a wonderful feature when I found it and couldn't figure out why me seat was feeling damp... from the cold.  

The other feature I enjoyed was the Sirus Satellite Radio.  Although I don't always have a radio on, I love satellite  radio as there are more choices... I loved opening the sunroof, turning on the SPA radio and cruising around the resort.. a Tropical Paradise.

The Verdict- The Kia Soul! is a wonderful car to drive, it has lots of room in the interior.  With the 3 of us in the car we had lots of room and no one felt squished.  Even though it looks like it is low to the ground, you feel like you are higher up when driving.  The biggest negative is that it doesn't have very much luggage room, but the back seats do lay down so you can use that for luggage space.   As we will soon be looking for a new vehicle the Kia Soul! is one car I will be looking further into and would love to test drive more Kia vehicles.

Looks great both at the beach and out shopping

For more review of this car, head over to the Daily Dish Magazine.  For more information about the Kia Soul! head over to Kia.

A great car for not a lot of money!
Thank you DriveSTI for giving me this opportunity to test drive this wonderful car.
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  1. I am getting a yellow car next time I purchase one, so I can find it in the parking lot. I had to put an antenae ball on my light brown car because every other car in the lot is the same as it is! PS. My neice has a Kia Soul and LOVES it.

  2. How fun! Looks like a great car to drive.

  3. Best West Palm Beach KIA article ever, thanks for sharing this very informative and educational article with me!


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