This and that: Canada Day and an Iced Capp

Monday, July 1, 2013

Canada Day and an Iced Capp

♪  It's Canada Day, Up Canada Way
On this first day of July  

This is one of my favorite Canadian songs and sung by Stompin' Tom Connors.  This song makes me proud to be Canadian.  Canada is and will always be my first love no matter where I call home or what nationality at that time I will be (I am now an American Citizen).  I will always be Canadian in my heart.

Canada also has Tim Hortons one of my favorite coffee/doughnut shops.  If the police like it, it is good for me.  I love their Iced Cappuccinos or as the Canadians would say "give me an Ice Capp".   This is one thing that I miss and is usually the first thing that I buy when I get over the border.  Driving home Estevan, Saskatchewan is my first Canadian town and they have ~ you guessed it right a Tim Horton's.  My first and always my last stop as I leave.  Over the years I have just about perfected my Iced Capps... not quite the same but they work, especially if I have Tim Horton's Coffee and English Toffee Cappuccino mix. 
 Eastern United States also has Timmie's and to my great surprise and luck there was one close to where my husband is staying in Lansing.  That shop got to knew me by name (well not quite) as I went for my Timmie's fix everyday.

Timmie's Iced Capp

4 cups Cold Brewed Tim Horton's Coffee *
4 cups coffee ice cubes **
2/3 cup Tim Horton's English Toffee Cappuccino
1/3 cup condensed milk - if you would like it sweeter use more
optional ice cream ( 1 -2 cups)

Place all in blender and blend until smooth.  You can do this in a couple batches.  I then place it in the freezer until it is starting to freeze - about 1-1/2 hours.  Bring out and re-blend until smooth.
I refreeze the leftovers and bring out and thaw slightly and enjoy.
*To make cold brewed coffee, place 1/2 cup coffee grounds and 4 cups of water in French Press or you could use your coffee pot.  Place in Fridge over night.  If you use a french press, Press down to bring ground to bottom.  If you don't have a fresh press, filter out ground through your coffee pot filter.
** Freeze leftover coffee into ice cube trays so that when you make cold coffee you don't water down your coffee with the ice cubes.

So the next time you see a Tim Horton's go in and ask for a Iced Capp or a Double-Double with a doughnut.  A Double-Double is double cream, double sugar.

I wrote an article in the Daily Dish Magazine that I write for with some facts and myths of Canada, a free printable and a quick and easy Canada Day Parfait.  Head over to Happy Canada Day for more information about Canada.

Canada Day Free Printable

Canada Day Parfait

Happy Canada Day, my Canadian Friends! 


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