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Monday, October 15, 2012

Exciting News!

As you know a few months ago I joined a group called Foodie Friends Friday and each week we have hosted a Linky Party.  These parties have been a great success and we have decided to expand.  Under the lead of Tracy from Busy Vegetarian Momma we have started a new chapter in our group called Foodie Friends Friday Daily Dish.  Not only will you find recipes here but you will find information on health and wellness, home and garden, product reviews, fun in the kitchen, kitchen crafts  and a whole lot more.

Myself, along with 10 other bloggers will be dishing up a post at least twice daily to bring to.  There will be guest post of some of your favorite bloggers, both those that have blogged for a long time and ones that have just started.   This will be a one stop place for any type of "foodie" news and you can even shop... we will bring things from Amazon that we think are neat or we can't go without.  What more can you ask for, come and visit us.  Stop in have some coffee or tea and browse through our pages.



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