This and that: How does your garden grow?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

How does your garden grow?

Mary Mary quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockle shells
And pretty maids all in a row.

We all grew up with this nursery rhyme but it doesn't really mean a garden and flowers but torture.  Sometimes that is what I think my gardening is.... torture.  We have been attempting to garden since we moved into this house, but if it isn't the cold weather, the rocks or the bugs that keep it from growing ~ this year it is critters... Yes, critters in our garden...... we at first thought it was the chipmunk that has been playing havoc to our garden... oh! he probably is, at least my flower gardens but we have found a rabbit eating through our fence to get into our garden... So....My fairy tale is Peter Rabbit and Farmer McGregor and me being Farmer McGregor...

McGregor chases Peter
this is me trying to chase the bunnies out of my garden ~
picture from
But even with all the problems we have, we strive forth and try to grow fresh vegetables.  Even though I am not a gardener... I do love getting fresh veggies from my own garden and so each year we strive to have a wonderful garden.

Here is pictures from the beginning of our garden... June 15/12 ~~ when the veggies started to come up:





tomatoes that we started from seed!

the fence we placed around the garden
Now some pictures from this past week on how our garden is growing:

Egg plant... first time for planting this

beans are coming back!




tomatoes are looking good


the cukes are flowering!

looks like we might get
potatoes this year!

okra..second planting, so
hopefully they come up!

bunny had a good feeding 

how they get in.

we keep fixing the holes...
Hopefully, with fingers and toes crossed we get some fresh veggies this year... But, even if our veggie garden only gives us a small amount of return, I have been enjoying my flower gardens.

not sure where these came from... they are in what will be the
wild flower garden.

Love my orange lilies... Reminds me of the
Saskatchewan prairie lilies

found this idea on pintrest.

So how does your garden grow?....... Do you grow a garden? or do you get your fresh vegetables from the farmer's market or just from the grocery store?  Nothing is better then fresh vegetables ~ you can always grow them in a pot....
                         Happy Growing!  Til next time <3 <3 <3  Marlys  



  1. Nice photos. I just love gardening and also have a little critter. This morning we discovered a hole in our yard, which surely means a nest and many more rabbits in no time...

    1. Thanks... my husband is ready to kill this little critter...We put another fence around the garden and it didn't quite make it the whole way around... and this critter found the one little spot that the second fence didn't cover and made himself at home again...

  2. thank you for following Carole's Chatter. I am now following your blog too.
    Have a lovely week.


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