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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


    Plantains are so good and they are good for you.  Plantains are a member of the banana family and are starchy and low in fat.    Per the Dole Nutrition Institute : " Plantains, or cooking bananas as they are often called, are longer, thicker-skinned and starchier in flavor than bananas.  Unlike, bananas, however they are loaded with the carotenoid antioxidants alpha-and beta-carotene.  They also contain resistant starch, which acts as a prebiotic, selectively nourishing the "good gut" bacteria that line the intestinal tract and protect against food borne illness. "  Although plantains are a fruit, they are most often used as a vegetable.  They are fried, boiled, mashed or grilled and are very seldom eaten rare unless very ripe.  My favorite way to eat them is either boiled or grilled and to me they aren't a vegetable but candy... they are so good!
      Before I got married, I had seen these big bananas in the store but never dared to buy them as I didn't really know what to do with them.  But, once I started to go to Africa I came to love, love, love them.  I am not partial to them boiled but the one time that we did have them boiled that was all we ate, so maybe if we had some meat to go with them they would be like a potato.
      This past winter when my hubby went home for a visit, my mother-in-law sent me some plantain chips and I just about ate them all in one sitting.  We had asked her to send some more but I guess plantain season isn't at this time, so today my husband decided to make some.
       Plantains is one of the necessities in my kitchen.  I usually buy them everytime I go shopping and the ones that I bought last week were just perfect for making plantain chips.  They were starting to ripen but were still firm to the touch but not green.  You don't want them to soft as then they won't be crisp.  Plantain chips and fried plantains are made basically the same, the only difference is how ripe your plantains are.  For plantain chips they plantains need to be just turning ripe and fried plantains are better if the plantains are very ripe and soft.

Plantain chips with plantain
                                                                             Plantain Chips

2 plantains that are firm to the touch
salt to taste
small amount of water
oil to fry - I used virgin Sunflower Oil

Cut plantains into quarter size rounds.  Place in boil, add salt to taste ( not quite a tsp) and small amount of water to help dissolve the salt and saturate the plantains.  Let sit for a few minutes.  Place oil, (depending on your pot, enough to slightly cover the plantains) in pot and heat.  Once oil is hot, place plantains in oil and fry until golden colour.  Remove and place in sieve to drain and oil and then place on plate.... Once cooled a little enjoy.  

cut plantains

plantains in oil

                                                           Fried Plantains

2 ripe plantains - soft or very soft to the touch
salt to taste
small amount of water
oil to fry

Cut plantains into approximately 1/4 inch pieces.  I cut the whole plantain into four and each fourth into approximately 1/4 inch size pieces.  Place in bowl and add approximately 1 tsp of salt and small amount of water to dissolve the salt and swish plantains in the salt water.  Heat oil and once hot, place in raw plantains and cook until dark golden colour.  Remove from oil and enjoy.
frying plantains

plantains are getting ready

                                                                Til next time <3 <3 <3 Marlys
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  1. These look great! I've never made plantain chips before, but will certainly give them a try!

  2. I just love plantains, but I have never made them at home. Thank you for sharing these recipes!

  3. I would love to try cooking with plantains. I look forward to what else you whip up!

  4. I've never heard of plantains! I will look for them the next time I am in the store! Thanks for linking up at Foodie Friends Friday link Party!


  5. I have had these before! Years ago! My father pastored a church in Queens and we had members who would make them every now and then for us. Very good! Thanks for sharing at Foodie Friends Friday!

  6. Wonderful story and delicious looking chips. thank for sharing both on foodie friday.

  7. Thanks all, as I said in my post plantains are one of my favorites.... Just like candies!

  8. I can't handle Platanitos (fried bananas)!!! I can't handle them because when I have one...I CAN'T STOP I grew up eating all sorts of plantains and Love Them! Like I say you can eat a plantain no matte the, yellow and black it's always good!
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful fruit!

    1. I am the same... I could eat them all ... Love, love, love them. My father in law is planting more so that I can eat them when ever I want when I make my next trip to AFrica.


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