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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Smoked Salmon Tomato Sauce

Hot and spicy sauce that can be used with fried yams, rice, and anything else you can think of.

Hot and spicy sauce made with tomatoes and salmon.  A perfect sauce to use with fried yams or rice.

Monday, May 21, 2012

African sauce

     In my fridge at just about any given time you will find some rice and a sauce to use with it. I have learnt that you don't eat rice plain.  This sauce can be used for just about anything... rice, pasta,  corn porridge, yams (boiled or fried),  rice and beans... or as my husband uses it when he really doesn't like what I have made or thinks it needs more flavor. Also this sauce can have chicken, beef, pork or smoked salmon or a combination of all.  When I am running out... I will just make more and throw the leftovers into the new stuff...
    I think that I have come to perfected this recipe as I have made it many times... I have been told that my sauce is as good as my mother-in-laws.........So I think that is a great compliment, as if anyone tells you that your cooking is better then their mother, especially if it is your husband, it is a compliment.  We have made this for many of our guests and I have made it for a church fundraiser and have also taken it to work and everyone praises it.
   As with most of my cooking, I have never really used a recipe but I will try to write it down as close to possible as I can.  With the spices, most of it is to taste..

Sauce with fried yams

                                            African Sauce

1/3 cup oil ( I use olive oil but any kind of oil will work)
1 1/2 TBSP heaping of tomato paste
1 - 2 roma tomatoes
onions ( this is used to your tastes)  I put in lots as we love onions
hot pepper to taste
1 clove of garlic
1 tsp anise (either ground or whole that will need to be ground)
1 tsp ginger 
1 cube maggi (chicken or beef)
2 tsp maggi liquid seasoning
salt to taste
meat - smoke salmon, beef, chicken - the amount of meat is to your taste.

    Cook oil and tomato paste together until mixed, you may have to add a small amount of water if not mixed properly.  Once cooked add a small amount of thinly slice onions, anise, and ginger and bring to boil... and then turn down to a simmer.
    Grind tomatoes, small amount of onions, and garlic.  I put them in mortar and use pestle to grind or I will also use my food processor.  If I use the food processor - I cook this mixture for a few minutes to decrease the liquids.  Once mixture is mixed to the texture you want -- either very fine or with pieces place in oil and tomato.  Bring to a boil and then simmer again for about 5 minutes or so.  Add maggi cube and maggi liquid seasoning.  Add hot pepper  - I do sometimes add the pepper to the mortar with the tomatoes, onions and garlic.
    Add meat and cook at simmer for 15 - 20 minutes.  Add salt to taste at this time.  I also may add more anise and ginger to taste.  Before serving add more thinly sliced onions to mixture (these onions are not cooked but fresh in the sauce this way).
  * When I use beef, I will cook the beef in water with onion and a bought ginger garlic paste about 1 tbsp until water is reduced - approximately 1 hour.  I then add 2 tbsp oil and cook the meat until crispy on all sides.  I do buy roasts or steaks on sale and cut into small pieces - if they seem tough I cook them in the water mixture longer.  
    * When I use chicken I cook them in 2 tbsp oil with minced ginger and garlic or the garlic/ginger paste until crispy on all sides.
    * If I use a food processor to puree my tomato mixture I will add 1 more tomato cut in small pieces.
    * I do freeze my tomato paste when I open a can.. I freeze it in about 1 -2 tbsp sizes, so when cooking in oil it may splatter, so be careful.  Also the tomato paste may look like it is burning when you are cooking it as it will turn a black colour in spots... this is ok and gives flavor to the sauce.
    *This sauce may look oily... if you don't want as much oil, just skim it off.  If serving with rice or rice and beans the oil will be absorbed by the rice.

tomato paste in oil
onions, garlic, tomatoes

using pestle and mortar

adding spices

adding tomato mixture to oil and tomato paste

adding onion and hot pepper

smoked salmon added to mixture

eating the sauce with fried yams... YUM!
I hope that this recipe will give you some idea of how to make this sauce.  Yesterday when I made this meal to take for my co-workers, the doctor that was on duty said cooking is better when you taste and add.. That is exactly how I cook.  I taste and then add spices and this is also how my husband cooks.. they don't use measuring spoons or cups... they add a little, taste and then add more if needed.  I have only given you a guideline as I believe everyone's taste is different and a recipe should be used as a guideline to make the creation your own.
   I hope you enjoy this.... Until next time... Marlys



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