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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Tablescape {Easter}

Set your table with colours, birds and flowers for Spring and Easter.

Spring Tablescape {EASTER}

My name is Marlys and I have a plate addiction.....  I love dishes, and I found some more dishes over the last couple of weeks and knew that I they would be perfect for my Spring or Easter tablescape. 

I found the first plates in Lansing at Home Goods.... So cute bread and butter plates with flowers and birds on them.  There were four and each plate was slightly different and I loved them.  Then last week I was at Marshall's in Kalamazoo and I found the plates that went perfect with the bread and butter plates... the only problem was that I only could find 3 of them.. Sad so I only bought 2 and decided to use two other plates - one green and one blue.

So I had the plates I needed the rest.  The first thing that I used was a green towel that I had received from GlobeIn.  It was perfect as it was a spring green colour.  I also found some light blue placemats at Marshall's that worked wonderfully with the the colours in the plate... At this time, everything seemed to be falling into place.  I also  had some straw like round placemats with some pink ribbing that I used over the green towel.

The napkins that were used were white and I tied them with some translucent flowers and butterflies. These I had bought at Hobby Lobby... Yep I found all sorts of items that worked with my Spring table... more flowers, birds and butterflies.

As I was going up and down Hobby Lobby I found a bird cage.  I have always wanted a bird cage and it was on sale - half off, so it went in the my basket.  As I talked about before I found some ceramic birds and some glass butterflies.  So I used these for my centerpiece.  Don't you think they worked with the plates.

Along with the bird cage centerpiece I decided to use some coloured jars filled with flowers and bird. One for both side of the centerpiece.  

All four place settings

I love the spring colours ~ green, blue and pinks with flowers, birds and butterflies..
Perfect for my Easter dinner or maybe I invite a few friends and have a Spring Tea Party.

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  1. Great place-settings! Love all the springy colors! Thanks for sharing!


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