This and that: Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is and has been a bitter sweet day for me.  My own mother pasted away 30 years ago and when everyone is celebrating with their own mother I always am sad and feel that my mother has missed so many years of mine and my siblings life.

Happy Mother's Day

My mom was the best.  She was always there when you needed her and besides being my mom she was my best friend.  Mom always had time for each and everyone of us.  One of my favorite things was to come home from school to fresh baking just taken out of the oven, especially bread.

Inspiring Women - Mothers

I do know that my mom is taking care of my unborn angels and loving every minute of it.  Children were here life and I she would be so happy and proud of all her grandchildren that only know her through pictures and what we have told them.  So even thought I am sad that I can't celebrate Mother's Day with my children, I know my mom is and that makes me happy.

Take time to thank you mom and tell her how much you love her.  She has given everything for you and will continue to do it.  She is an inspiration.

Inspiring Women

I have written the first of Inspiring Women Series over at the Daily Dish Magazine.  Head over and see who how mother's inspire us.

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