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Friday, April 11, 2014

Colourful Birds for Spring Decorating

Do you decorate for Spring or Easter?  Here are some colourful birds that you can make with felt that are cheap and easy to make.  They are also a kid friendly craft that can be made with minimal help depending on the age of the child.

Colourful Birds for Spring Decorating

I came across a video tutorial to make some colourful birds a while ago but  and never saved the link for some reason.  I did search for it but again couldn't find it - so if you know the or link or made the link please let me know and I will give you credit...

Bird template or free hand draw them 
Felt in different colours
embroidery floss (I used corresponding colours)
moveable eyes

Using a template or a free hand drawing of a bird, cut out pattern for body, wings and beak in multiple different colours.  I used templates from two different sites - this one and this one.  Make two body parts and beak and one wing
Arrange your pieces so you have a different colour for the body and wing.  Using corresponding colour of embroidery thread sew wing to one side of the bird using blanket stitch. 
Place both body parts together and sew most of the way around the body, keeping a small opening for the stuffing.
Make feet using wire - I went on line and found a pattern for the feet, it took me about 5 tries to make them look good. 
Stuff the bird and add the feet into the center.  Sewing around the wire, close the opening.  I did a back stitch around the wire so that it would stay in.  
Sew beak on to both sides of the body, sewing them together.
Glue on moveable eye.  

Note:  I did only place on wing and one eye but you could do it on both sides.

I used these birds and eggs that I made to make an arrangement on the corner of my piano.  For directions for the eggs, head over to the Daily Dish Magazine

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  1. Those birds are fantastic! I love the vibrant colors. It looks like a fun project my 9 year old and I can work on together.

  2. The birds turned out well; the colours are such happy ones for spring.

  3. So lovely birds! Lovely colors - and looks so cheerful standing together!

  4. Love them, they are so colorful and cute... great Spring project....

  5. These are so beautiful. You are so talented!

  6. Creative! My kids will surely love this. Summer is already here in our place, but I think our new cabin is truly impressed to have the colorful bird’s decoration. I will surely try this at home, thanks for sharing it with us! Beautiful!

    Sebastian Chuter


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