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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Grilled Corn on the Cob

I had really not ever eaten grilled corn on the cob.  My mom always boiled our corn and we ate it like that.  It wasn't until after I got married and my husband showed me how to grill it that I really enjoyed corn.  This is the best way to eat it or at least in my mind.  Even with corn that is dry and near its end of life, grilling corn this way is the best.  All you need it is a barbecue, tongs, water and some salt.  That is it... Not so hard is it?

Grilled corn with grilled veggies and BBQ steak

Grilled corn


I grill my corn last after my veggie packs and meat are done.  Husk corn. The coals should be white, turn down the heat some by closing the bottom vents.  Place corn on grill and BBQ, turning until corn is golden brown.   Just before you are ready to take it off the grill, dissolve salt (approx 2 tsp) in half a cup of water.  Brush salt water over corn, grilling for another minute or so.  Take off grill and Enjoy.  You could add butter if you would like but it tastes good just the way it is.

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  1. grilling corn taste so much better than boiling it. Great recipe Marlys

    1. Thanks Marlene and I agree with you.. I won't eat boiled corn anymore.

  2. I just love grilled corn in the summer time! I've even started using different types of compound butter. I like the idea of putting the salt water on the corn before removing!

    1. I need to start using compound butter on mine.. I usually just add a bit of butter.

  3. Hi Marlys!!!
    I came by to visit after you mentionned on my blog that you were my newest follower - and I am so happily following back!
    I love corn in the cob any way it's made ( yeah - even boiled lol )
    But it looks to die for in your photos - now I have to add corn to my grocery list for this week!!!
    Big hugs from Montreal

    1. Thanks for coming by Suzan and for following... I need to get some corn soon as I haven't had any yet.

  4. Wishing I had corn for this weekend! Definitely trying this.


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