This and that: Whole 30 ~ Second Week

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Whole 30 ~ Second Week

Whole 30 Program ~ Second Week

Tomorrow I will have done two weeks of the Whole 30 program.  I am not going to lie to you and tell you that I didn't slip, because I did.  But I didn't fall face first into a plate of doughnuts.  So for that I am proud.  The first couple of days for me were the hardest... Everything that I craved were on the no-no list and that list is large or at least it seemed to me.  So what have I ate? Lots of fruits and vegetables and nuts.. Nuts are my life-saver.  
During the day when I am at work, I don't have as much cravings.  I pack my food, usually something with meat for lunch and then an egg to eat as snack and fruit and vegetables to eat when I feeling a little hungry and I always have some nuts.  Nuts are easy to carry around and eat.  
EGGS... I should let my husband become a chicken farmer as I eat eggs every day now.  AND I don't even like eggs.  I have eaten poached eggs between avocado halves, pretending that I have a sandwich.  Eggs with sauteed vegetables, eggs with salsa... EGGS, EGGS, EGGs.   I am even eating them boiled.

Poached egg and salmon in an avocado "bun"
So, the big question is do I feel better?  I do think I have lost some weight.. but this program says not to step on the scale during the 30 days.  My jeans are fitting better and I think my face has thinned down a bit.  So that is good...   But do I have more energy?  I don't think so.  This I am wondering if it could be because I am working days instead of nights.  My routine isn't the same.  I am also working more hours then normal too, but I SHOULD NOT BE THIS TIRED.   Have my aches and pains decreases or are they completely gone?  NO, NO, NO.  Even as I type this my hands are so sore that it is painful to type.  I think my pain is worse now then when I started this program. 
The million dollar question is... Am I going to stay on this.  Yes, I will give it a full 30 days.  Although there are a few things that I won't give up like  french vanilla creamer in my chai.  At home I do use coconut milk and sugar free french vanilla syrup but at work I still use the creamer.  I am sure that if a true "whole 30" person reads this they will tell me that I am not feeling better because of the few thing I slip up on.  I ate 1 cookie in 2 weeks... I think I am doing good, before it would be a half a dozen per day.
I do still crave bread and pizza and cheese and I am not sure that I will ever give those things up. The only grain I have eaten in 2 weeks is 1 cookie and I have had no cheese.. I lived on cheese before.  But I think I am eating healthier and that is the only thing I wanted to do with this program... And oh yeah! Lose WEIGHT.
Fried Egg with sauteed veggies and tomatoes

Cucumber, pepper and red onion salad.
To a healthier me...
Ϡ₡✻   Marlys

✻✿*.¸.* Enjoy your day....`*.¸.*✻✿*.¸.*

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  1. Good for YOU Marlys! I could never do this!

    1. Thanks Lois, it does get easier everyday.

  2. Good for you. One program you may want to look at is Trim Healthy Mama. I recently finally ordered this book and have now started the plan. For once this makes sense to me and hoping I can adjust. I like that this is made by two women that are moms and their mission is to make good healthy meals that the whole family can enjoy and I just have to provide more things for the kids since they are still growing. Hoping I start feeling good and fnally get rid of some of this weight. ~Ramona

    1. I am going go to have to look into this Ramona, thanks

  3. Since I can't eat gluten I love the idea of the avocado bun! I am so going to try that for breakfast soon :) It sounds like you are doing great!

    1. Thanks. The avocado also disguises the egg :)


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