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About Me

I have been cooking and baking my whole life.  My love of cooking started with my mom and paternal grandma.  I remember cooking in the kitchen with my mom and as she very seldom used recipes she would tell me the directions either from her perch at the kitchen table  or from the couch in the living room (the only time I think she rested)... she would say put in a pinch of this or a pinch of that, just a handful now.  My grandmotha helped me along the cooking way by giving me cookbooks for presents and also handed down all her cookbooks that she acquired through her years.  

My Mom's recipe, handwritten by my Grandmother

Cookbooks and recipes are a guide for me. I read them and then will decide what I want to put in my own recipes.  I believe that cooking and baking is a masterpiece that you make by  putting  your own twist and taste into it.

After marrying my husband, I learned a new cuisine that I had only tried once before on my first trip to Africa - West African cuisine. I am still learning and hope that I can bring a Taste of Africa to you through my recipes and also through my pictures.

My first attempt of pounding fufu in Togo

Photography has also been a passion of mine. I bought my very first camera with my own money when I was a young child around 9 or 10 and have always enjoyed taking pictures of unique and different things.. You can often see me on my knees taking pictures of the flora and fauna and now often with something I have made~ nature is so beautiful and we need to enjoy it in any form we can.

Bringing food and nature together

This blog brings my two passions together:  cooking and photography and I hope that you will drop by and enjoy the journey I am on.  

 A cup of coffee or tea is always ready for you...

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