This and that: Fill the Cookie Jar with Easy Witches Hat

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fill the Cookie Jar with Easy Witches Hat

An easy Halloween cookie made with oreos and decorated into a witches hat that you can whip up in a snap.

Fill the Cookie Jar ~ Witches Hat Cookies

Once again I am making my cookies for my Fill the Cookie Jar Post at the very last minute... and I mean the last minute.  I did think about what I was going to do early and had a couple of plans but either I just didn't get time or was lazy - I think it was a combination of both.  

Instead of making them early, here I am trying to get them done, pictures taken and my post written as  quickly as possible.  One good thing came out of doing this so quickly is that I can tell you that these cookies can be made at the last minutes - well that is if you have all the ingredients.  You might have a few burnt fingers but you can do it!  

Fill the Cookie Jar with Easy Witches Cookies made with oreo cookies and hershey kisses.

Oreo Cookies (as many as you need)
Hershey Kisses (same amount as the oreo cookies) 
Chocolate wafers -  (guide is 2 -3 wafers per cookie) - I used green and chocolate wafers
Halloween Sprinkles (optional)
Licorice Pull a Part (optional)

Melt chocolate - either use a double boiler or melt in microwave *
Dip oreo into chcolate
Add a Hershey Kiss to the center of each chocolate covered oreo
Use Licorice to wrap around kiss
Add sprinkles
Let cool and enjoy.

*Bakers Note:  I like to use a double boiler to melt my chocolate.  I use a sauce pan filled with water and a glass bowl that just fits into the sauce pan (the bottom of the bowl will just touch the top of the water.  Bring water to a boil and turn down to simmer.  Place chocolate wafers into bowl and let melt.

Fill the Cookie Jar with Easy Witches Cookies made with oreo cookies and hershey kisses.

I used Candy Corn Oreo and Thin Wafer Oreos to make my cookies.  I found that the Thin Wafer Oreos worked better.  I am not the best at dipping my cookies but they work.

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  1. Cute and easy, plus oreos, kisses and extra chocolate. These cookies are an all around winner!

  2. Oh Marlys, these are sooooooooo adorable, I just love this. They look terrific and this is great to have the kids help to create their own little witch hat. A perfect October/Halloween treat!

  3. What a fun cookie! From the photo, I was guessing striped shortbread cookies, so I was surprised to see Oreo's! No better surprise than biting into a treat and finding an Oreo!

  4. You have all the fun stuff in here and it's no bake!


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