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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Canada Day - Centerpieces

Happy Canada Day!
Hope you are having a wonderful celebrations today, with great foods and decorations!
Today I am show you how you can make a quick and inexpensive centerpiece for your Canada Day table.

Canada Day Centerpiece

Clear vases from Dollar
White and Red Sheer Ribbon from Dollar Tree
White and Red Construction paper
White and Red Paint
Small paintbrush
Tape or Glue


Painted Maple Leaf Centerpiece:
I traced a Maple Leaf from on-line or you can print and cut it out.
Tape the Maple Leaf to the vase.
Dip the end of of a paint brush in red paint.
Paint dots around the outside of the cut out maple leaf that is taped on the vase.  Let dry.
Dip end of paint brush in red and paint dots around the top and the bottom of the vase.
Once red paint is dry, dip end of paint brush in white and fill in the maple leaf with white dots.
Add dots around the top and bottom of the vase.
Let dry.
Place a stem vase (I bought from Walmart) in the center and put a candle in it.  Or fill with flowers or candies.
(Just to let you know I didn't measure the dots that I put around the top and bottom of the vase, all I did was eyeball it)


Ribbon Center Piece
Cut White and Red Ribbon to the size of circumference of the vase.
Glue or tape (I used double sided tape) to vase
Cut out Maple Leaf design out of white and red paper (I made 2 white and 1 red)
Glue or tape the Maple Leaf design to the vase.


Flower Vase

As Canadians we know that Butter Tarts are a great Canadian Dessert are you having some on this Canada Day?  I shared the recipe over at the Daily Dish Magazine.

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  1. Your decorations are very festive, Marlys. Happy Canada Day to you.


    1. Thanks Karen, Hope you are having a great Canada Day.

  2. I like the Patriotic theme. I learned some new things about Canada today. Thank you. Have you watched "Arrow"? They film in Canada and have some Canadians in the cast. Have an awesome day. Blessings to you~

    1. Meredith.. I have never seen Arrow.. and I am glad you have learned something new about Canada. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Happy Canada Day - I love the decor! Super cute and creative.

  4. Happy Canada Day Marlys! I love your centrepieces! Hope you had a fun day celebrating Canada :)

  5. Very festive, Marlys! I hope you had a wonderful Canada Day! :-)


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