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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mom's Good Cookies

Last week on Foodie Friends Friday Linky Party, I came across a cookie recipe that my mom always made.. She just called them good cookies and that they were.  When she made them, she would use the basic recipe and then add different ingredients to them..  So when I saw this recipe for Kitchen Sink Cookies, from Chocolate, Chocolate and More  and I knew right away which recipe I would make.  The smell throughout the house as I was making them was amazing and with the first bite.... memories of my childhood, coming home from school and these cookies waiting for us on the rack.  But, also some sadness as my mom passed away over 25 years ago... but then again good memories of her wonderful cooking.  So I thank you Joan for taking me down memory lane.  Please go over to her blog, Chocolate, Chocolate and More, she has some wonderful recipes that I am sure you will enjoy.
So, as for most of the recipes that I make.... I use them only as a guide.... So, here is what I did.

Mom's Good Cookies
1 cup butter, softened ~~ I used Imperial margarine as that is what we had growing up.
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup vegetable oil ~~ I used coconut oil 
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
3 1/2 cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1 cup old fashioned oats
1/2 cup shredded coconut
1/2 cup pecan pieces
1 cup butterscotch chips
1 cup rice krispies 

Preheat oven to 325 degrees
Cream butter and sugars until light and fluffy.  Add egg and vanilla, beat again.  Add oil and beat again.  In separate bowl mix flour, baking soda and salt, add slowly to egg and sugar mixture. Add in oats, coconut, pecan and butterscotch chips and mix well.  Lastly add rice krispies and mix just to combine. 
Using a cookie scoop, place cookies on ungreased cookie sheet and slightly flatten the top... I used the bottom of the cookie scoop for this.  Bake in preheated 325 degree oven for 12 minutes.  Let sit on cookie sheet for approx 10 minutes before removing as these are fragile cookies.  (I did bake mine for about 15 minutes and the last couple of cookie sheets for about 18 minutes as my husband likes crunchy cookies.)

* optional - you could also add chocolate or white chips, raisins, other types of nuts,  dried fruits, toffee bits, small candy bits.

ready to go into the oven
Good memories

These are wonderful, delicious, melt in your mouth cookies... I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did.
                     Til next time <3 <3 <3  Marlys

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  1. i LOVE the mixture of ingredients in these cookies! super :)

  2. I love your photos. They make the cookies look as good as they sound from the recipe!

  3. These really are the best cookies, I love that you added chips to them!

  4. This looks so delicious!
    I love using coconut oil as well, in my country that's mostly what everyone uses and made organically.
    Will try.
    Thanks for finding me!

    1. I have just started to use coconut oil and so far like it.

  5. These sound delicious!! Thank you so much for linking up to Tasty Thursdays last week. Hope to see you again this week!! The party is live at

    Nichi – The Mandatory Mooch

    1. Thanks for hosting and I did link up again...

  6. Thanks for sharing these at mommy's sweet confessions! I have never seen cookies with so many wonderful flavors, they must taste amazing. Hope to see you a little later for this weeks link party

  7. Oh wow after looking at this recipe I can almost taste the flavors in my mouth! Delish! Thank you for sharing and newest follower!

  8. You can't beat a mother's recipe :)
    I am glad you found the recipe for the cookies your mom made and I have to say I am in love with them! they sound like a wonderful combination of flavors and textures
    Can't wait to try these

  9. These look great! I loves oatmeal cookies. The coconut and butterscotch is a great addition too! Krista @ A Handful of Everything

  10. Thanks for sharing on Tried and True recipes! I loved reading about your mom!

  11. These are everything good in there cookies! Thanks for sharing and co-hosting Foodie Friends Friday!


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