This and that: How it all started.....

Friday, April 13, 2012

How it all started.....

A little bit African, this started on the day I married my husband in Togo, Africa.  As I am a Canadian, the only way we could get married was to do it in Africa and then I would have to petition my husband to join me here in the United States... So on April 15th, 2006, we were married in Lome, Africa in a civil ceremony (our legal wedding).  On April 19th we had our religious ceremony and after this ceremony we donned the traditional garb that a couple would wear for a tradition ceremony.  The picture of us is when we wore the traditional garments and beads which were placed on me by my husband's family. The girl beside me is my sister-in-law (isn't see beautiful?).

During the six weeks that I spent in Togo with my husband, I did most of the cooking in the apartment we rented on a small camp stove.  My husband called my kitchen "quick and sweet" as most of the food I prepared was sweet compared to his standards and everything was made fast... I did watch as my mother and sister-in-laws make their traditional foods but because of the language barrier, was only able to watch.  It didn't look easy and I didn't ever think that I would learn to do it... Once my husband arrived here in the states,  he has taught me how to cook properly.. although I still won't pound fufu or make Akume (corn porridge) as I just can't get it right... or maybe I don't want to ;-) but mainly because it is much too hard and I am a wimp by nature.  I can say that I do try, but I last for about a minute before I am played out . Maybe before I die, I will be able to pound fufu or make Akume to the right consistency.  But one thing I can say is that I do like my conveniences ~~ like a stove, not sure if I would want to start a fire every time I need to eat.

I will leave you  with pictures of preparing food in Africa and how my journey first began....

What I cooked on in our apartment in Lome.
As you can see it was hot by my red face. Oh, by
the way the shelf that the stove is on has a bit of a lean
but that will be a story for another time.

cooking over an open fire.
carrying water
Pounding yams to make into fufu
pounding fufu... I am not doing it correctly!

As you can see cooking in Africa isn't that easy and we think we have it hard.  I am hoping that the next time I 
go there I will be able to cook and make my mother-in-law proud.
 But, I do know that in my kitchen, even 
if it is outside I will need an air conditioner as it is much to hot to be preparing and cooking meals and I don't think it is that good to have sweat pouring down into the food...... 

One last picture of me trying to pretend I can
carry water... Good luck on that!

It is a workout just to make a meal.... Til next time.... Marlys


  1. I will be interested to see your culinary journey

  2. I adore your blog and story Marlys! It is difficult to cook without the things that we're used to. But I also think that it is fun to try. =] The experience is so priceless, I can't wait to read more.

    1. Thanks- it was quite interesting cooking over a camp stove for 6 weeks with one pot and one big spoon. The next time I go there for any length of time I will be bring more cooking supplies... My husband already took a small blender so that he could have smoothies when he was there at Christmas time. I have to get more blogs put together soon.


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